This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


hgGuard is an extremely user friendly plugin for server owners who want to easily control guard settings on their server! You can set if a guard should lose items upon death, all different types of messages, enchantments per item, reload the configuration in-game, save a player's inventory then replace it with a guard kit when going on duty - you can get saved inventory back once off duty, - turn on and off different items and enchant in the configuration file, set the amount of items a guard kit will have, and more!


There is a cooldown time for the /duty command - it is 60 seconds. You cannot change this cooldown time yet, but in future versions of this plugin you should be able to. When a guard is on duty by toggling the /duty command, they can not move their inventory around (default), they can not drop items (default), and they can not drop items upon death (default, but can change in configuration file) When a guard leaves the game while on duty, they will automatically be forced off duty (inventory wiped, then restored, message broadcast, etc)

The Process

When a player uses /duty, their inventory will be saved to a file, and then cleared. Afterwards their inventory will be replaced with a kit that has settings from the config file. The kit contains: Sword, axe, bow, stick (baton), golden apples, enderpearls, steak, and arrows (and armor of course). All of these items can be changed to different amounts. You can disable and/or enable any item. You can rename any item to whatever (able to use colors) A message will broadcast to everyone on the server stating that a player is now on duty; this message is changeable. Also, a green firework will appear just above their head.

When a player uses /duty again, their inventory will get wiped, and then their previously saved inventory will once again be restored back into their current inventory. A message will broadcast to everyone on the server stating that a player is now off duty; this message is changeable. Also, a red firework will appear just above their head.


  • Configurable enchantments.
  • Set if an item should be given or not.
  • Broadcast a message when a guard goes on/off duty.
  • Automatically goes off duty when a player leaves.
  • Able to set whether there should be a delay for going on/off duty.
  • Able to set whether a guard should drop items upon death.
  • Able to have a helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots, sword, axe, bow, baton, arrow, enderpearls, and enchanted golden apples.
  • Able to give a reward to a player who kills the on duty guard.
  • Able to lookup information in the log.txt file from in-game and console.
  • Can not move inventory when on duty.
  • Can not place items in anything.
  • Can not edit item frames.
  • Can change all names of each item.
  • Can change the type of material per item.
  • Can change the amount of items a player gets.
  • Can change ALL messages.
  • Logs when a player goes on/off duty.
  • Chat channel just for guards.
  • Probably more, but I forgot since there is A LOT of features.


  • /duty - Toggles duty mode.
  • /hgreload - Reloads configuration.
  • /hgc [message] - Sends a message in guard chat, or toggles guard chat mode.
  • /hglookup <name | keyword | date> - Looks up information from the logs.txt file.
  • /hgversion - Displays hgGuard's current version.
  • /hghelp - Displays a list of hgGuard's commands.
  • /requestguard - Asks a guard to go on duty.
  • /sword <name> - Asks for a player's sword.
  • /axe <name> - Asks for a player's axe.
  • /bow <name> - Asks for a player's bow.
  • /potion <name> - Asks for a player's potion.
  • /drug <name> - Asks for a player's drug.


  • hgGuard.duty - Access to use /duty (default: op)
  • hgGuard.hgreload - Access to use /hgreload (default: op)
  • hgGuard.bypass - Bypass the /duty cooldown time (default: op)
  • hgGuard.chat - Access to use /hgc (default: op)
  • hgGuard.version - Access to use /hgversion (default: true)
  • hgGuard.help - Access to use /hghelp (default: true)
  • hgGuard.lookup - Access to use /hglookup (default: op)
  • hgGuard.requestguard - Access to use /requestguard (default: true)
  • hgGuard.sword - Access to use /sword (default: op)
  • hgGuard.axe - Access to use /axe (default: op)
  • hgGuard.bow - Access to use /bow (default: op)
  • hgGuard.potion - Access to use /potion (default: op)
  • hgGuard.drug - Access to use /drug (default: op)
  • hgGuard.notify - Able to be notified when a guard asks for a player's weapon (pre-added in hgGuard.duty's perms)
  • hgGuard.* - Access to all commands/permission (default: op)

To do

  1. Clean up and organize this post. Looking a bit long...

Known issues

  1. None, Please contact me if you find one.

Configuration Explanation can be found here (Out of date, although the config.yml file is really easy to understand.


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