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Looking for a good PvP leaderboard? Would you like it to hook into Heroes? Done. HeroScoreboard keeps track of Kills and Deaths so that you can easily see the top players in a paginated list. Also keeps track of killstreaks, favorite weapon of choice, favorite skill of choice (you can set it to ignore certain skills). You can even set it to ignore kills where the level difference between the 2 heroes is too large (prevents stat padding from killing noobs). Also can configure it to ignore repeated kills on the same player within too soon a time difference (prevents friends killing each other for stats).

Also, record rankings in seasons so that you can view the top players of last season, while still clearing the board for a new season. This allows for fresh records, while maintaining the glory of those truely skilled.


  • Keep Track of Kills/Deaths
  • Keep Track of players favorite weapons, skills, and prey
  • Prevent scoring repeated kills, or kills between heroes of drastically different levels
  • Award money for kills based on the prey's balance/level/killstreak/items
  • Punish players for logging out while in combat


  • Vault (required)
  • Heroes (optional)
  • An Economy Plugin (see Vault for supported econ plugins)


  • heroscoreboard.participate (lets you earn score and money from pvp kills)


  • /heroscore list <page_number> (lists the top pvp rulers of the server)
  • /heroscore stats <playername> (lists the status of a player ie: kills/deaths, fav weapon, prey, skill, highest killstreak, etc)


  • Put the HeroScoreboard.jar file in your plugins folder
  • Start your server
  • Edit the config.yml in plugins/HeroScoreboard
  • Reload HeroScoreboard with plugman, or stop then start your server

Configuration: Config Page

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