This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Tired of being ruled over by that oppressive dictator who determines every aspect of your town (makes you move your whole house over one block cause he feels like it)? Ever had a town owner that just stopped doing his/her job? Now you can join the revolution and take that power away, capitalism-style! Introducing HeroMoneyMarket, the free-market economy plugin for HeroStronghold.

HeroMoneyMarket lets you make your HeroStronghold super-region a publicly traded, free-market economy where ownership goes to the highest bidder. Stock-market money goes directly into your super-region's bank for limited use. Use stock to vote on who gets portions of that money as well. Add and Kick members through voting with stocks.


  • Private stock markets for super-regions
  • Ownership of super-region determined by largest shareholder
  • Vote using stocks on withdrawals from the super-region bank
  • Vote on adding and kicking members using stock
  • I plan on adding banks as an effect for HeroStronghold so you can borrow/invest money in banks

Requirements: Vault, HeroStronghold, an economy plugin (see Vault for supported plugins).

Installation: Download the latest build and put it in your /plugins folder. Then run your server and stop your server. The default config files should be generated in a new folder named /HeroMoneyMarket. Configuration instructions coming soon!


  • /hmm buy <amount> <superregionname> (buys as many shares of that super-region as you can afford with the $amount specified)
  • /hmm sell <amount> <superregionname> (sells as many shares that are in total worth the $amount specified to the super-region)
  • /hmm stats <superregionname> (displays stock value, total stock, and stock trend data pertaining to that super-region)
  • /hmm list <superregionname> <pagenumber> (displays the top shareholders of that super-region)
  • /hmm vote list <superregionname> <pagenumber> (displays all pending votes for that super-region)
  • /hmm vote add <amount> <superregionname> (creates a new vote to give you $amount from the super-region bank)
  • /hmm vote add <invite|kick> <playername> <superregionname> (creates a new vote to invite or kick a player to or from the super-region)
  • /hmm vote add <permission> <superregionname> (creates a new vote to give you permission to build a certain region in that super-region)
  • /hmm vote <y|n> <votenumber> <superregionname> (votes yes or no on a pending vote, votenumber is the number on the list of votes)


  • heromoneymarket.admin (gives you power to override ownership checks)
  • heromoneymarket.castvote (vote on votes)
  • heromoneymarket.createvote (lets you create votes)
  • heromoneymarket.trade (lets you buy/sell stocks)

Help me code this stuff! Let me know if you're interested.

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