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Allows a player to wait in a queue and then to be placed in a pvp match-up against another player. For example, you type /hmm queue and it will tell you that you are in queue for a pvp fight. When it finds a player for you to fight, it will send messages to both you and that player, wait 5 seconds, then teleport both of you into an arena created in a pre-defined world just for your fight (and the arena will be erased afterwards too). Because arenas are created on-the-fly, I've placed them in a separate world (set in the config) so that they don't overwrite content in your main world.


  • Vault (required)
  • a multi-world manager plugin ie-Multiverse, etc (required)
  • Heroes (optional)


  • Drop the .jar in your /plugins folder
  • Start then stop your server
  • configure your config.yml in /plugins/HeroMatchMaking/config.yml
  • if you are using Heroes, add these 2 classes: http://pastie.org/5063308 http://pastie.org/5063309
  • be sure to change the world setting in config.yml to a world that HMM can overwrite (it will leave holes in it where matches take place).
  • To start a match, you need to set your preferences first: /hmm one v one /hmm rts
  • To enter the queue you need to do /hmm queue

Match Types include (but are not limited to):

  • Anything Goes (fight with whatever items you have on you)
  • Vanilla (changes your hero class to a default one, gives you pre-defined items)
  • RTS (clears your inventory, drops you in an editable arena for you to make your own weapons)
  • Spleef (gives you a diamond shovel)
  • Pitfall (fight over lava on a tall platform of decaying leaves)
  • CTF (capture the flag)
  • Domination
  • TDM
  • Assault
  • Survival (hardcore)
  • Parkour/Race
  • Zombie Survival

Team Types:

  • 1v1
  • 3ffa
  • 2v2
  • 4ffa
  • moshpit (huge ffa)
  • Teams (for more than 4 players)


  • /hmm queue (toggles whether or not you are queuing)
  • /hmm <matchtype> (toggles whether or not you want to play a given matchtype) /hmm rts
  • /hmm <teamtype> (toggles whether or not you want to play a teamtype) /hmm 3ffa

Permissions (these aren't implemented yet:

  • heromatchmaking.queue (allows you to adjust your queue settings and queue)
  • heromatchmaking.admin (lets you bypass command restrictions while in a match)
  • heromatchmaking.reload (lets you reload the config.yml)

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