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Are you tired of not knowing who to attack or where to raid? Have you ever traveled over 1000 blocks just to get lost and give up on a raid? Well then HeroGrapevine is exactly what you're looking for! HeroGrapevine gives clear purposes to raiding by providing permitted players with a spy network through which they can acquire info about possible targets! After a configurable cooldown, players will recieve a tip informing them of a random player's location, valuables in inventory, valuables and location of a chest, pvp fights, commands used, Heroes skills used, or even ChestShop items purchased. You'll be excited to hear: [HeroGrapevine] Joe_Shmoe has a lot of diamonds! or [HeroGrapevine] Jane_Smith has only 6 health!

This plugin requires at least 2 players on the server otherwise it won't give you tips.

Features: - Gives hints users hints about other players'

  • Locations (exact co-ordinates)
  • Chests (if a chest contains things of value)
  • Fights (if someone hit someone else)
  • Low Health (if a player is below half health)
  • Inventories (if a player has things of value)
  • Commands (if a player used a command)
  • Hero skills (if a player cast a skill and how much mana they have)
  • Purchases (if a player bought/sold something at a chestshop)


  • /herograpevine toggle (toggles on/off incoming tips)


  • herograpevine.toggle (lets players recieve tips and use /herograpevine toggle)
  • herograpevine.bypass (prevents the player from getting tips and from being the subject of a tip)

Configuration: - These options are set in config.yml

  • cooldown: duration after a tip is sent before another tip can be sent to a player
  • number-tries: The number of attempts to find a tip before it gives up (set higher if you disable some tip types)
  • pvp: whether or not you want tips from pvp events
  • locations: whether or not you want tips for player locations
  • chest: whether or not you want tips for locations/inventory of player chests
  • inventory: whether or not you want tips about players' inventory
  • commands: whether or not you want tips when other players use commands
  • health: whether or not you want tips about players with low health
  • heroes: whether or not you want tips for when a hero uses a skill or gains an effect (heroes only)
  • chestshop: whether or not you want tips for when a player buys/sells with a chestshop (chestshop only)
  • ignore-commands: A list of commands you dont want to show up in tips

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