This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Help Manager

If you need to find issues with your server, your players are the best ones at finding them. This plugin gives an organized, and efficient way to solving issues other players find throughout your server.

I created this plugin because I was looking for a ticket-system where players can report issues with the server, whether it be lag, griefing, or bugs. Most of the one's I've found were horribly outdated.

How to use

Players create a ticket through , or /HM <description>. Moderators open tickets by using /HM Open <Id>, and close the ticket with /HM Close <Response>. Admins can delete tickets without a reason by using /HM Delete <Id>. Players can only open the amount of tickets specified in the config.

The next time a player joins in, you can set it to notify the player whether or not a staff member has opened your ticket. You can also set to notify all admins/mods on join if there are tickets that need responding. With the priority system, you can set whether or not to allow normal players, or just staff members to set their ticket priority.


  • MySQL or Flat-file storage NOTE: Haven't decided to create a flat-file system, as it may cause lag, due to the possible many requests
  • Organized player help system
  • (Possible) Website integration
  • Teleport to location the ticket was created at
  • (Possible) Comment system (for staff)
  • Priority system


  • Max tickets allowed to be opened by a player
  • MySQL Settings
  • Notify player if their ticket is being looked at
  • Whether or not staff members must provide a reason to closing a ticket
  • Whether or not to record the player's location when they create a ticket
  • Whether or not to notify Moderators/Staff and Admins if there are tickets that need to be responded to
  • What the default priority will be set to (LOW, NORMAL, MEDIUM, HIGH)


You can use /HelpManager or /HM for short

  • /HM <description> - Creates a ticket
  • /HM Open <Id>
  • /HM Close <Id> <Reason> - Closes a ticket, reason required (See config)
  • /HM Delete <Id> - Deletes a ticket without the need of a reason
  • /HM Reload - Reloads plugin
  • /HM tp <Id> - Teleports the staff member to the site the ticket was created


  • HelpManger.admin - (Admin) All the admin permissions, besides HelpManager.admin.reload
  • HelpManager.default - (Default) All the default permissions
  • HelpManager.moderator -(Staff/Mod) All the moderator permissions
  • HelpManager.admin.reload - (Staff/Mod) Allows to reload plugin
  • HelpManager.admin.delete - (Admin) Allows to delete ticket without reason
  • HelpManager.default.create - (Default) Allows to create ticket
  • HelpManager.default.closeOwn - (Default) Allows to close only their own ticket
  • HelpManager.moderator.close - (Staff/Mod) Allows to close ticket (with/without reason, see config)
  • - (Staff/Mod) Allows to open ticket
  • - (Staff/Mod) Allows to teleport to ticket location
  • HelpManager.moderator.priority - (Staff/Mod, or Default Players) Allows the player to set the ticket priority

Possible FAQ

  • "Why did you create this if there are TONS of other help/ticket systems?" - Most of them are outdated, some not touched since 2012, and they do not work
  • "Why did you use '/HM' or '/HelpManager' as the command, and not /Ticket ?" - I used the current command setup because other ticket plugins (like a lottery plugin) may be conflicting
  • "Why do you require MySQL! (Possibly)" - If I had used flat-file storage, then it could be very laggy due to the many requests that multiple players would send to edit the file. Also, most Minecraft hosting companies offer either free MySQL services, or cheap MySQL services.
  • "Can you PLEASE add <inset feature/request> ?" - Please use the ticket system to request features, as it's much more organized and you'll most likely get a response quicker


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