Help Commands During Survival

Help Commands During Survival

This is my first plugin, so it's not something incredible, but I will work on it to make it something really good :D .


This plugin is used for private survival servers. For example, I play survival in my private server, with some plugins like mcmmo, or Lockette. The I thought, okay, I will make a plugin so I can use it in some situations, like when I am in danger and I really don't want to die because I have importat items in my inventory.


  • /heal - Restores your health and food levels and gives you protection 1 for 5 seconds.
  • /run - Gives you speed 1 for 10 seconds and resistance 1 for 5 seconds.
  • /jump - Gives you jump boost 4 for 10 seconds.
  • /fight - Gives you strenght 1 for 10 seconds, speed 1 for 10 seconds and absorption for 10 seconds.
  • /fly - Allows you to toggle your flight mode.
  • /hcds - Shows a list of commands.
  • /hearts - Gives you an extra row of hearts.
  • /removehearts - Removes your extra row of hearts.
  • /leather - Gives you leather armor and wood sword.
  • /chain - Gives you chain armor and stone sword.
  • /iron - Gives you iron armor and sword.
  • /gold - Gives you gold armor and sword.
  • /diamond - Gives you diamond armor and sword.


This plugin does not have permissions as it was designed for one player use, but I will make a version for multiplayers servers where everyone plays.

Features I am working on

  • Portable workbench.
  • A way to melt iron and gold without a furnace.
  • Spawning your tamed wolf.
  • Spawning a wither.
  • Spawning a super zombie.
  • Useful stuff.


Write them on the comments :) .


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