This plugin has not been updated since it was released to BukkitDev, and is very unstable, and featureless. Since then, I have became a developer for the official skyblock server ( and Mineverse ( When I get the time, I will be rewriting this plugin completely with all features, and it may be released onto the official skyblock server as well. Thanks!


SimplyHellblock brings the nether to skyblock. This is a great addition to any skyblock server, as it will play friendly with any skyblock plugin, or if you wish, you don't even need skyblock to use hellblock! This plugin is very customizable and is updated with new features all the time!

This plugin requires WorldEdit and WorldGuard for some features to work!

Netherrack Generator Addon:

How it Works

When a player walks through a nether portal on their skyblock, it will create a new hellblock for them. This essentially gives them a second skyblock with a whole new set of challenges to face! When a user wants to leave the hellblock, they can simply type any "/spawn" or any other teleportation command. To get back, they just have to walk through their nether portal again, or type /hellblock


  • Cool netherrack islands
  • Automatic hellblock world generator
  • Use your own hellblock schematics
  • Customize items in the starting chest
  • Worldguard integration
  • Configuration file to allow you to edit everything
  • Execute command when going through portal in the nether
  • Auto generated, worldguard protected spawn area.
  • Nether Tools
  • Nether Armor
  • Nether Brewing
  • More features added all the time!


  • Download SimplyHellblock.jar and copy it into your plugins folder.
  • Start your server
  • Edit the config to your liking
  • Restart your server for changes to take effect

Todo List

  • Coop functionality
  • Netherrack generator
  • Infinite lava source
  • Permissions system
  • Admin commands
  • User commmands Suggest more in the comments below!


/hellblock - Teleports you back to your hellblock.
/hellblock genspawn - Generates a spawn area.
/hellblock invite <player> - Invites a player to join your hellblock.
/hellblock accept - Accept an invitation to join a player's hellblock.


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