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General Plugin Information

This plugin heals players in exchange for In-Game currency (Requires Vault).
The amount of currency can be changed in-game or via the in-game configuration editor (See the In-Game Config Editor Section).
This plugin also has permissions setup (See the Commands and Permissions Section.)

How this plugin could get donators for your server:

The plugin has a specific VIP feature that can heal much better than the basic feature, also with the VIP feature, you can set it up if you want the VIP's to be able to heal others!
On a factions server that would be a great incentive for paying!

Setup and Installation

1) Download Vault and place it in your plugins folder.
2) Reload/Restart the server once to create the necessary files.
3) Download Heal4Money and place it in your plugins folder.
4) Reload/Restart the Server to create the configs.
5) Enjoy the plugin!


Click this link to view Configuration information!

Commands and Permissions

Click this link to view Commands and Permissions!

Help and Support

If you have a question, please leave it in the comments area, I will get back to you ASAP!

A quick setup and support video is coming soon!
If you have an error log, Please create a Ticket for it.


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