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  • _ForgeUser7602666 created this issue Sep 2, 2012

    What is the problem?
    Web Interface does a "OR LIKE" instead of "AND NOT LIKE" on the exclude filter of the interface. This also leads to result from none selected actions showing up. e.g. an exclude of "Leaves, wood" will SQLize to be ".. AND `data` NOT LIKE '%Leaves%' OR `data` LIKE '% Wood%' " and I would get chats containing "wood" when the chat action is unselected.

    The unselected actions issue will also happen with the keyword field.

    Issue 1: Change line 112 of interface.php to:
    array_push($args, "(`data` NOT LIKE " . join(" AND `data` NOT LIKE ", $data["exclude"]) . ")");

    Issue 2: Change line 107 of interface.php to:
    array_push($args, "(`data` LIKE " . join(" OR `data` LIKE ", $data["keywords"]) .  ")");

    What version of HawkEye are you using (shown in console during start-up)?

    Show me any console errors and/or your start-up console message for HawkEye

    Show me your config.yml and/or your config.php (REMOVE YOUR PASSWORD)

    Have you checked the FAQ page?

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