HawkEye Reloaded


HawkEye Reloaded is still under active development! Due to many table altering changes we've been making, we've only been uploading new releases to our Jenkins Development build website.

Bukkit 1.7.10 / Spigot 1.8 Users

The current builds on bukkitdev are mostly outdated for builds 1.7.10 and above. I highly recommend you download a development build to avoid issue!


HawkEye reloaded is a continuation of the beloved former "Hawkeye", which is now completely inactive. It gives you the ability to log changes, search through them, roll edits back and much, much more.


  • Logging of over 45 different actions
  • Worldedit logging
  • Smart logging
  • Smart rollback/block restoral
  • Block filter to avoid logging unwanted material
  • Rollback commands with simple-to-use parameters
  • Advanced interactive web interface for viewing logs
  • Rollback previews - have the rollback only appear to you at first
  • WorldEdit selection rollbacks - rollback everything in your WE selection
  • Configurable search tool to quickly see edits on single blocks
  • Simple, and easy to learn parameters
  • Fast efficient logging
  • API so other plugins can interact with the HawkEye database

Command List

/he help <Command>Provides help for the specified command
/heDisplays a page showing all HawkEye related commands
/he tool bindBinds the custom parameters to the tool
/he tool resetResets tool to default properties
/he toolToggles the searching tool
/he search <parameters>Searches the HawkEye database
/he page <page>Displays a page from your last search
/he tpto <id>Teleport to the location of the data entry
/he here <radius> <player>Searches around you
/he preview applyApply the rollback preview
/he preview cancelCancel the rollback preview
/he preview <parameters>Preview the rollback changes
/he rollback <parameters>Rollback specified changes
/he undoReverses your previous rollback
/he rebuildRe-apply specified changes
/he deleteDeletes specified data entries
/he infoDisplay important information
/he writelog <parameters>Write results to a log

Permission List

hawkeye.*Access to all HawkEye commands
hawkeye.pagePermission to view different pages
hawkeye.searchPermission to search the HawkEye database
hawkeye.search.<action>Specific node to search HawkEye database
hawkeye.tptoPermission to teleport to the location of a search result
hawkeye.rollbackPermission to rollback actions
hawkeye.toolPermission to use the HawkEye tool
hawkeye.tool.bindPermission to bind parameters to the tool
hawkeye.previewPermission to preview a rollback before applying it
hawkeye.rebuildPermission to rebuild actions
hawkeye.infoPermission to view info
hawkeye.writelogPermission to writelog


- Latest RB of bukkit
- MySQL database (Your host should provide you with one)
- (optional) WebServer (if you want to run the Web Interface)

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

http://i.imgur.com/xxjwSPM.png http://i.imgur.com/3Rxpf6y.png http://i.imgur.com/zj64zuD.png

Still have a question?

Here is an extra help page, which contains things like, format, importation, and errors. If nothing helps, feel free to open a Ticket, explaining your problem will help us recreate, and fix the issue.

Want to Donate?

All the donations go directly to the former author oliverw92


I am currently very busy and cannot answer any questions.. I will try to keep all my plugins updated during my absence


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