Havoc Exp Trade


Havoc Exp Trade

Havoc Exp Trade is a plugin where you can send your Experience to other players! Never known what to do with it? Ran out of room for enchanting stuff so want to be generous? Want XP safe as you're PvPing? Well get this plugin now! If you're following the EULA and need some side perks, this is a good EULA Plugin to help with it! No pay to win, just a small perk to add. As it has no impact on server performance, why not just get it?


  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Simple
  • Help page when doing the command
  • Amazingly useful and a good perk for donors!


  • /ExpTrade
  • Shows my bukkit page, and use of the command.
  • /ExpTrade <Player> <Levels>
  • Gives how many levels you mentioned to the player you wish to send to.


  • exp.trade

Recent Plugins

I recently have put custom plugins up on my bukkit. These are ones I use on my server; usually I wouldn't release them, but as I'm making a ton for my server as it's going well, I thought I could share a couple and maybe even big servers might use them? Or any well known ones!

Thanks guys, here's my server: HavocOPPvP


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