HarderPigmen is a bukkit plugin that causes ZombiePigmen, when naturally spawned, to have an eternal angry disposition toward players. If you think that the nether could use a bit more of a challenge added to it, or would simply like to try out something a bit different, give this plug-and-play plugin a try!

Note: The effects only apply to newly-spawned pigmen.
The first time you enable the plugin, and any time that you change options in the configuration, the effects will only apply to newly spawned pigmen, not ones already existing. A way to fix this is to temporarily set the difficulty to PEACEFUL, and then explore the area you want the new pigmen to spawn in. Then, simply set the difficulty back to whatever you originally had and voila!

  • Causes pigmen to stay angry at players immediately after spawning (Configurable)
  • Makes pigmen only ocassionally spawn with swords (Configurable)
  • Makes pigmen walk slower or faster (Configurable)

#If zombie pigmen should always be angry toward players (Default: true)
enableAnger: true

#Should be -1, 0, 1, 2, or 3. -1 slows pigmen, 0 keeps them normal, 1 makes them faster, 2 is slightly faster than the player, 3 is scary. (Default: 2)
changeSpeed: 0

#If zombie pigmen should sometimes spawn without swords (Default: true)
enableSwordChance: true

#This controls how often a zombie pigman will spawn with a sword. It is based on a 1 in X probability, where x is whatever you have here. (Default: 5)
swordChance: 5

#Don't Change this.
configVer: 2

No permissions are needed because this plugin has no commands or features that require permissions. If you have a suggestion for a command that you think should be added, leave a comment or post a ticket!

There's pretty much nothing to setting up this plugin. Just drag and drop it into your server's "plugin" folder and restart the server. If you want to configure something, check the config.yml file in the "HarderPigmen" folder, then you're good to go!

-Finished- Add option for faster pigmen, rather than slower pigmen.
Leave a comment or open a ticket if you have a suggestion!

I don't ask for anything in return for the plugin, but if you are feeling generous, feel free to support my Jelly-Bean addiction:


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