Dear Anyone. I am unfortunately done with Bukkit. I know the staff will probably begin removing my plugins and for this, I'm sorry. Bukkit has become a chore and decided to focus on furthering screwing up their community and restricting code. For this reason: I urge you to read my friends Bergekillers' post here. Then start reminiscing of the good old days. Goodbye users of Bukkit and my plugins. I cannot work within a jail anymore. This will be the last and final update to this plugin. Again, I'm sorry. But programming for Bukkit is just not fun.


Role Play servers. 80% of the Minecraft server community. Why not make them more realistic? Have you ever wondered why the hell TnT doesn't explode in water? Me too, that is why I made this plugin. I hate my players faction bases being completely drenched in Lava or Water that it's virtually impossible to gain entry. So time to take that away! This plugin allows you to destroy and remove Water and Lava using TnT. This highly requested plugin was created by me, Orcem12. And I hold all rights to source; however it can be requested.


  • Drop probability via configuration
  • Explosion radius increase via configuration
  • Left Click TnT allow if block is in water or Lava.
  • Anything else?

How to install

  1. Download the most recent version of the plugin.
  2. Place downloaded plugin and place into your 'plugins' folder
  3. Restart your server (Or reload but restart, it's healthier)
  4. Enjoy destroying that pesky water and lava.


  • Destroys blocks in a proximity even if water or lava.


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