GUI Shop Spawners

This plugin was created to be a pleasing GUI to purchase spawners. This plugin makes purchasing spawners very nice and easy. You can customize prices, messages, and the GUI name. The spawners are given by console running a SilkSpawners command, but this can be suited to another plugin that gives a player a spawner. 
Mineable Spawners (Required for v1.3+)
  • A GUI that opens by command for purchasing spawners
  • Custom Head icons in the GUI
  • An option to sell spawners in config.yml
  • Configurable sale prices
  • Configurable buy prices
  • Configurable slot location
  • Configurable fill item for the GUI
  • Configurable status of a spawner. They can be disabled or enabled
  • A command to list out all spawners with their price, sale price, and status
  • Plugin startup messages of which spawners are enabled
  • An IN-GAME editor for changing sale price, slot location, and price
  • A reload command
  • A new and improved GUI opening. Instant opening!
  • A quantity GUI for purchasing spawners in quantities of 1, 2, 8, 32, and 64.
(Image of /spawners)


  • To open up the GUI Shop use /spawners.
  • To reload the config of the plugin use /spawners reload
  • To edit the price of spawners use /spawners edit price [MobType] [NewPrice]
  • To edit the sell price of spawners use /spawners edit sellprice [MobType] [NewPrice]
  • To edit the status of a spawner use /spawners edit status [MobType] [true/false]
  • To sell a spawner use /sellspawner while holding the spawner. (Only v1.2 and above)
  • - Allowance of /spawners
  • guishopspawners.sell - Allowance of /sellspawner
  • guishopspawners.reload - Allowance for /spawners reload
  • guishopspawners.admin - Allowance of /spawners edit and /spawners list
config.yml (Most recent version)
GUIName: '&cSpawners'
SellSpawnersEnabled: false
Fill Item Enabled: true
Creeper Spawner: true
Skeleton Spawner: true
Spider Spawner: true
Iron_Golem Spawner: true
Zombie Spawner: true
Slime Spawner: true
Witch Spawner: true
Zombie_Pigman Spawner: true
Enderman Spawner: true
Cave_Spider Spawner: true
Vindicator Spawner: true
Cow Spawner: true
Rabbit Spawner: true
Sheep Spawner: true
Horse Spawner: true
Blaze Spawner: true
Pig Spawner: true
Chicken Spawner: true
Squid Spawner: true
Wolf Spawner: true
Mooshroom Spawner: true
Wither_Skeleton Spawner: true
Ender_Dragon Spawner: true
Wither Spawner: true
Ghast Spawner: true
Guardian Spawner: true
Shulker Spawner: true
Ocelot Spawner: true
Polar_Bear Spawner: true
Llama Spawner: true
Parrot Spawner: true
Turtle Spawner: true
Phantom Spawner: true
Drowned Spawner: true
Panda Spawner: true
Dolphin Spawner: true
Pillager Spawner: true
Creeper Slot: 1
Skeleton Slot: 2
Spider Slot: 3
Iron_Golem Slot: 4
Zombie Slot: 5
Slime Slot: 6
Witch Slot: 7
Zombie_Pigman Slot: 8
Enderman Slot: 9
Cave_Spider Slot: 10
Vindicator Slot: 11
Cow Slot: 12
Rabbit Slot: 13
Sheep Slot: 14
Horse Slot: 15
Blaze Slot: 16
Pig Slot: 17
Chicken Slot: 18
Squid Slot: 19
Wolf Slot: 20
Mooshroom Slot: 21
Wither_Skeleton Slot: 22
Ender_Dragon Slot: 23
Wither Slot: 24
Ghast Slot: 25
Guardian Slot: 26
Shulker Slot: 27
Ocelot Slot: 28
Polar_Bear Slot: 29
Llama Slot: 30
Parrot Slot: 31
Turtle Slot: 32
Phantom Slot: 33
Drowned Slot: 34
Panda Slot: 35
Dolphin Slot: 36
Pillager Slot: 37
Creeper: 750000
Skeleton: 600000
Spider: 500000
Iron_Golem: 1500000
Zombie: 600000
Slime: 750000
Witch: 1000000
Zombie_Pigman: 800000
Enderman: 800000
Cave_Spider: 500000
Vindicator: 1250000
Cow: 250000
Rabbit: 250000
Sheep: 250000
Horse: 400000
Blaze: 750000
Pig: 250000
Chicken: 200000
Squid: 200000
Wolf: 200000
Mooshroom: 350000
Wither_Skeleton: 750000
Ender_Dragon: 10000000
Wither: 10000000
Ghast: 100
Guardian: 100
Shulker: 100
Ocelot: 100
Polar_Bear: 100
Llama: 100
Parrot: 100
Turtle: 100
Phantom: 100
Drowned: 100
Panda: 100
Dolphin: 100
Pillager: 100
Creeper SellPrice: 5000
Skeleton SellPrice: 1000
Spider SellPrice: 30
Iron_Golem SellPrice: 50
Zombie SellPrice: 1
Slime SellPrice: 1
Witch SellPrice: 1
Zombie_Pigman SellPrice: 1
Enderman SellPrice: 1
Cave_Spider SellPrice: 1
Vindicator SellPrice: 1
Cow SellPrice: 1
Rabbit SellPrice: 1
Sheep SellPrice: 1
Horse SellPrice: 1
Blaze SellPrice: 1
Pig SellPrice: 1
Chicken SellPrice: 1
Squid SellPrice: 1
Wolf SellPrice: 1
Mooshroom SellPrice: 1
Wither_Skeleton SellPrice: 1
Ender_Dragon SellPrice: 1
Wither SellPrice: 1
Ghast SellPrice: 1
Guardian SellPrice: 1
Shulker SellPrice: 1
Ocelot SellPrice: 1
Polar_Bear SellPrice: 1
Llama SellPrice: 1
Parrot SellPrice: 1
Turtle SellPrice: 1
Phantom SellPrice: 1
Drowned SellPrice: 1
Panda SellPrice: 1
Dolphin SellPrice: 1
Pillager SellPrice: 1



config.yml (v0.2)
#This is what will show at the top of the GUIName
#For support add me on Discord @Darrion#5859
GUIName: '&cSpawners'
#Enabled Spawners in GUI
CreeperSpawner: true
SkeletonSpawner: true
SpiderSpawner: true
IronGolemSpawner: true
ZombieSpawner: true
SlimeSpawner: true
WitchSpawner: true
ZombiePigmanSpawner: true
EndermanSpawner: true
CaveSpiderSpawner: true
VindicatorSpawner: true
CowSpawner: true
RabbitSpawner: true
SheepSpawner: true
HorseSpawner: true
BlazeSpawner: true
PigSpawner: true
ChickenSpawner: true
SquidSpawner: true
WolfSpawner: true
MooshroomSpawner: true
WitherSkeletonSpawner: true
EnderDragonSpawner: false
WitherSpawner: false
#Prices of Spawners
Creeper: 750000
Skeleton: 600000
Spider: 500000
IronGolem: 1500000
Zombie: 600000
Slime: 750000
Witch: 1000000
ZombiePigman: 800000
Enderman: 800000
CaveSpider: 500000
Vindicator: 1250000
Cow: 250000
Rabbit: 250000
Sheep: 250000
Horse: 400000
Blaze: 750000
Pig: 250000
Chicken: 200000
Squid: 200000
Wolf: 200000
Mooshroom: 350000
WitherSkeleton: 750000
EnderDragon: 10000000
Wither: 10000000
#Messages - Color Codes do work
#Message Sent when a person buys a spawner
CreeperMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eCreeper Spawner'
SkeletonMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &Skeleton Spawner'
SpiderMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eSpider Spawner'
IronGolemMsg: '&aYou just purchased an &eIron Golem Spawner'
ZombieMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eZombie Spawner'
SlimeMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eSlime Spawner'
WitchMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eWitch Spawner'
ZombiePigmanMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eZombie Pigman Spawner'
EndermanMsg: '&aYou just purchased an &eEnderman Spawner'
CaveSpiderMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eCave Spider Spawner'
VindicatorMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eVindicator Spawner'
CowMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eCow Spawner'
RabbitMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eRabbit Spawner'
SheepMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eSheep Spawner'
HorseMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eHorse Spawner'
BlazeMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eBlaze Spawner'
PigMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &ePig Spawner'
ChickenMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eChicken Spawner'
SquidMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eSquid Spawner'
WolfMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eWolf Spawner'
MooshroomMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eMooshroom Spawner'
WitherSkeletonMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eWither Skeleton Spawner'
EnderDragonMsg: '&aYou just purchased an &eEnder Dragon Spawner'
WitherMsg: '&aYou just purchased a &eWither Spawner'
#This is configured for SilkSpawners; leave untouched if SilkSpawners is installed.
#Commands ran (by console) to give players their spawner.
#Use %player% for username of player
 - ss give %player% creeper 1
 - ss give %player% skeleton 1
 - ss give %player% spider 1
 - ss give %player% irongolem 1
 - ss give %player% zombie 1
 - ss give %player% slime 1
 - ss give %player% witch 1
 - ss give %player% zombiepigman 1
 - ss give %player% enderman 1
 - ss give %player% cavespider 1
 - ss give %player% vindicator 1
 - ss give %player% cow 1
 - ss give %player% rabbit 1
 - ss give %player% sheep 1
 - ss give %player% horse 1
 - ss give %player% blaze 1
 - ss give %player% pig 1
 - ss give %player% chicken 1
 - ss give %player% squid 1
 - ss give %player% wolf 1
 - ss give %player% mooshroom 1
 - ss give %player% witherskeleton 1
 - ss give %player% enderdragon 1
 - ss give %player% wither 1


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Plugin Metrics:
All stats can be found here. (Metric support added in v1.1)
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