Need to blacklist breaking and place certain blocks as well as using certain items? Do you wish you could have separate blacklists for each permission group? If so GroupBlacklist is just what you've been looking for!

GroupBlacklist allows you to blacklist blocks and items per permission group using 3 events: On Block Break, On Block Placement, and On Item Use. This is great for keeping players from specific groups from using certain items and is perfect for a Role Server.


  • Block items per group
  • Administration in-game
  • Administration via console
  • Runs off of Permissions System and/or OP status
  • Sends the player a message when they do something that is blacklisted
  • Ability for users to view blacklist for their group(s)
  • Now Uses Vault To Handle Permissions. If you don't have it you can get it here!


groupblacklist.admin    # Player can administer GroupBlacklist
groupblacklist.view     # Player can view Blacklist for their group(s)
groupblacklist.exempt   # Exempts player from GroupBlacklist


  • /gbview - Displays blacklist info for groups that the issuing player is a part of
    • Example: /gbview - Displays current blacklist info
    • Requires user to have "groupblacklist.view" permission
  • /gblist help <command> - Displays help for the command
    • Parameters: <command>: GroupBlacklist Command to display help for
    • Example: /gblist help addgroup - Display help for GroupBlacklist command addgroup
  • /gblist addgroup <group> - Add a group to the Blacklist
    • Parameters: <group>: Group to add to Blacklist
    • Example: /gblist addgroup Mod - Add group "Mod" to Blacklist
  • /gblist deletegroup <group> - Delete a group from the Blacklist
    • Parameters: <group>: Group to delete from the Blacklist
    • Example: /gblist deletegroup Admin - Delete group "Admin" from Blacklist
  • /gblist view <group> - View a groups Blacklist
    • Parameters: <group>: Group to view from the Blacklist
    • Example: /gblist view Default - View Blacklistevent info for group "Default"
  • /gblist edit <group> - Select a group for editing
    • Parameters: <group>: Group to select to edit
    • Example: /gblist edit Default - Edit the group "Default"
  • /gblist add <break|place|use|all> <ID> - Add Blacklist events for given ID's
    • Parameters: <break|place|use|all>: Events to blacklist: onBreak, onPlace, onUse, all
    • Parameters: <id>: Comma Delimited list of Block and item ID's
    • Example: /gblist add all 10,11,46,51,259,327,333 - Add list to all Blacklist events
  • /gblist remove <break|place|use|all> <id> - Whitelist events for comma delimited id's
    • Parameters: <break|place|use|all>: Events to whitelist: onBreak, onPlace, onUse, all
    • Parameters: <id>: Comma Delimited list of Block and item ID's
    • Example: /gblist remove all 333 - Whitelist boats for all events
  • /gblist clear <break|place|use|all> - Clear All id's from a Blacklist event
    • Parameters: <break|place|use|all>: Events to clear: onBreak, onPlace, onUse, all
    • Example: /gblist clear use - Clear onUse events
  • /gblist done - Finish editing a Blacklist group
    • Example: /gblist done - Finish editing group
  • /gblist reload - Reloads GroupBlacklist config from disk"
    • Example: /gblist reload - Reloads GroupBlacklist's Config;
  • /gblist log (on|off) (break|place|use) - Turn event logging on or off for selected events
    • Optional Parameters: (on|off): Turn global event logging on or off
    • Optional Parameters: (break|place|use): Specific events to log to toggle logging
    • Example: /gblist log - View current log statuses
    • Example: /gblist log on - Turn on global logging
    • Example: /gblist log off use - Turn off onUse logging


  • Fix Bow And Potion Blocking For On-Use Blacklist (High Priority)
  • Fix TNT Explosion Stopping Code

Proposed Update Features

  • Add Ability To Add Blocks/Items By Their Name
  • Add Wildcard ("*") To Block All Blocks/Items In Any Of The 3 Blacklists
  • Add Support For WorldGuard Region Based Blacklists
  • Add On-Acquire and On-Drop Blacklists


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