Troubleshooting and Common Questions

My survival mode players are required to claim land before they can build. Why?

Check your config file. Make sure your survival worlds are NOT listed under "creative rules worlds".

My creative mode players are required to claim land before they can build. Why?

This prevents a griefer from logging in and spending half an hour placing cobblestone EVERYWHERE. Each player is required to choose where he will build, and that area has a limited size. Players can make that area bigger over time because they get more claim blocks for playing on the server, and they can even delete a land claim to create a new one somewhere else.

I have thin islands in my sky. How do I fix it?

This is because you're not on a "normal" type map, so you need to tell Grief Prevention what your world's sea level is in the configuration file (SeaLevelOverride). Also if your players in that world are in survival mode, remove the world's name from the list of "creative rules worlds" while you're in there editing the config. Finally, use /RestoreNatureAggressive (point at the BOTTOM of the floating block and then right click) to clean up the islands already placed.

How do I make monsters stop spawning or disable hunger in a claim?

You can't. This plugin is about preventing grief, and neither of these is about player grief. However, GriefPrevention is entirely compatible with WorldGuard and Residence, so you can use those with it. Do the following:

1. Restrict the other plugin so that only administrators can use it. GriefPrevention is the solution for your players, but you'll be using the other plugin for a few special cases.

2. Use the other plugin to mark off special administrative areas where you'll be stopping monsters from spawning or whatever.

3. Optionally, use /adminclaims and possibly /trust public to add a grief prevention claim on top of your protected area. That will prevent players from making personal claims there, but will not stop them from doing anything else (which allows the other plugin to do its work there).

Now you have the effectiveness and ease of use for your players through GriefPrevention, with the special "flags" offered by the other, more complicated plugin. :) It's possible someone could add these "flags" as an extension plugin to GriefPrevention so that you don't need the other plugin at all, but no one has done that yet.

Can I enable fire spread?

Yes, at your great peril. Do NOT enable fire spread unless you have another plugin which controls it, like CreeperHeal for example which regenerates burned blocks. Even if you enable fire spread and fire destruction, fire will not spread or destroy blocks within claimed areas, but there may be a noticeable performance impact (lag) when fires get very big, because GP has to monitor the spread of each fire block to ensure it doesn't spread into claimed areas.

How do I vertically subdivide my claims?

You can't. Allowing for claims to stack on top of each other would drastically undermine the user-friendliness of this plugin by making many scenarios much more complicated, and would make many players vulnerable to griefing by overtopping (building on top of their builds). If you MUST have this, consider alternative plugins like Residence or WorldGuard.

Remember, you can use those together with GriefPrevention, so if your interest is in a vertically-subdivided administrative claim, you could potentially use one of those other plugins for your special case, and then keep grief prevention for your players to use in the usual case. See the first question above.

How do I set enter/leave messages in my claim?

You can't. The feature has been requested several times, but because tracking movement is very expensive, I'd be using a lot of resources for a very tiny, entirely cosmetic feature which isn't related to stopping grief (it just wouldn't be a responsible feature add). It will not be added. It's possible someone could add this as an extension plugin to GriefPrevention.

How do I stop players from stealing my animals with wheat?

Unless you've disabled the fence gate locking which is on by default, this won't be a problem. Even if that is disabled, an iron door is a good solution (although you might have to work to make it look less tacky).

Why can't I sell claims?

This is not a land management plugin, it's a grief prevention plugin. I added the /trust commands and claim subdivision because I recognize that without them, a core element of multiplayer (cooperative building) is lost. But selling or leasing land isn't necessary to stop grief, and it's not a core game mechanic, either. If you want to "lease" a claim or subdivision, do the following:

  1. Use your economy's slash command to transfer the funds.
  2. Use /PermissionTrust followed by /Trust, /ContainerTrust, or /AccessTrust to grant permissions in the claim or subdivision.

There's also a "Real Estate" extension plugin for GriefPrevention. There's a link on the main (overview) page. If you really want complex land management, consider disabling the claims part of GriefPrevention (keeping the fire spread, nature rollback, anti spam, anti spawn camp, etc) and then adding Residence or Towny plugins for players to claim land.

Why not Reduce the Number of Commands?

Some have suggested grouping commands under another command, like "/claim trust player" or "/c ut player". First, a lot of server owners and moderators don't realize that they're actually power users. You're all accustomed to command line interfaces with lots of parameters and abbreviations, so you all can handle commands like that. The typical Minecraft player, especially the younger sort, has probably never used a command line interface in his life. Commands with subcommands and lots of abbreviations and parameters are very difficult for those players to understand, remember, and use without tutoring (they're also intimidated and confused by help syntax like /t <command> [params...]). So to keep things simple, Grief Prevention's commands are all top-level commands with short names and very few parameters.

Also consider that being an administrator, you're thinking about commands that most of your players will never use. Most players only ever need /trust, and maybe /untrust and /abandonclaim. So it's not as complicated and involved for your players as it may feel for you as an administrator, because unlike you, they don't need to know about most of the commands.

Moreover, creating "subcommands" under a top level slash command isn't directly supported by Bukkit. That means that by burying one command inside another one, I'm hiding those subcommands from the all the awesome help plugins out there, which look at the Bukkit registered commands list to provide a well-organized, easy-to-browse-and-search help menu. So that means if I were to do that, I'd be forced to create my own help system, which would be different from the help system of other plugins on your server, which would make help more difficult to use rather than easier.

Finally, making a big change to the command interface after more than a year of consistency would disappoint and confuse a lot of server owners and players.