Grappling Hook v1.5.6


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    Sep 15, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.2-R1.0


  • v1.0 - initial release
  • v1.1 - fixed issue where all recipes containing iron ingots would result in a Grappling Hook
  • v1.2 - updated code to match the new Bukkit naming system for items
  • v1.3 - Grappling hooks now use velocity instead of teleportation. This can still be set to teleportation via the config file. Added command /gh give to get a grappling hook item. Players are now informed when they hook an entity. Added configurable durability to grappling hooks. Minor bug fixes.
  • v1.4 - Replaced configurable durability with number of uses. Added optional time between grapples variable as requested. Fixed bug where player would fly up into the air if using a hook directly under them. Cleaned up code. Delete your old config.yml file for the new one to be generated.
  • v1.5 - Grappling Hooks pulling is now more accurate. Grappling Hooks can now be made out of wood, iron, gold, and diamond (all with corresponding variables in the config file). Grappling Hooks can now hook Items on the ground (as requested). Added variable to disable crafting as requested. Added an API so developers can utilize Grappling Hook in other plugins. Cleaned up code. Fixed bug where fall damage would be taken sometimes. Added new argument for command '/gh give #' for number of uses. Added plugin metrics for stats. Delete your old config.yml file for the new one to be generated.
  • v1.5.5 - Fixed bug where mobs being pulled with the grappling hooks would fly too far. Added a bunch new permissions that are more specific (as requested). Added commands to give other players grappling hooks.
  • v1.5.6 - Added cobblestone grappling hooks. Fixed error that would spam console. Fixed bug that disabled fall damage from grappling hooks even when fall damage was turned on.

Trying to repair a grappling hook on an anvil will take away the gold title and the item will no longer work as a grappling hook. This is a minecraft Client-side problem.