Grappling Hook

Finally! A Standalone Grappling Hook For Bukkit!

Compatible with Minecraft 1.8!


This project is now being updated and maintained on Spigot.


  • No commands necessary.
  • Pull yourself to locations.
  • Pull entities to you.
  • Pull items on the ground to you.
  • Configurable durability on grappling hooks.
  • No permissions required. (But are supported)
  • No configuration required. (But is optional)
  • Plug and Play.

How To Use:

Just throw the hook out onto a solid block, and when pulling it back in, you will be pulled to its location.
If the hook sticks into a mob or player, they will be pulled to you.
If the hook sticks into an item on the ground, the item will be pulled to you.
If the you reel in the hook when it is in water or still in the air, it will behave as a normal fishing rod.

Be sure to check out gyro89's plugin showcase as well.


/gh give - puts a grappling hook in the user's hand with 50 uses
/gh give <#> - puts a grappling hook in the user's hand with # of uses
/gh give <player> - adds a grappling hook to the inventory of specified player with 50 uses
/gh give <player> <#> - adds a grappling hook to the inventory of specified player with # of uses

Permissions (optional)

grapplinghook.pull.self - Allows player to pull themselves with the hook
grapplinghook.pull.mobs - Allows player to pull mobs with the hook
grapplinghook.pull.players - Allows player to pull other players with the hook
grapplinghook.pull.items - Allows player to pull items with the hook

grapplinghook.craft.wood - Allows player to craft wood grappling hooks
grapplinghook.craft.stone - Allows player to craft stone grappling hooks
grapplinghook.craft.iron - Allows player to craft iron grappling hooks - Allows player to craft gold grappling hooks
grapplinghook.craft.diamond - Allows player to craft diamond grappling hooks

grapplinghook.command.give - Allows player to use command /gh give

grapplinghook.player.nopull - Player can not be pulled by other players
grapplinghook.player.nocooldown - Player ignores grapple cooldown (if one is set)

Grappling Hook is an original plugin that I made for everyone that wanted a grappling hook in Minecraft. For any issues with the plugin, please submit a ticket. Enjoy!

Hey Developers!

Grappling Hook comes fully equipped with an easy to use API! Just click here to learn how to use it!

I have put many hours of work into all of my plugins and it is my hope than anyone who enjoys the features they bring to their server will donate. Thank you.



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