The Google Analytics Plugin allows to use Google Analytics for basic statistics. The current version tracks events like logins, quits, deads, and kills by user (for all events see here). You can see some examples how the data is visualized in Google Analytics on the images page. Install
  1. Setup a Google Analytics Account
  2. Setup a Profile for your Server on Google Analytics (You need the entered domain name and the tracking in for the configuration)
  3. Put the jar file in the plugin folder
  4. Run the plugin once to generate the default config file of the plugin
  5. Setup the configuration file as described here
Usage You can see the statistics at the Content - Event Tracking Menu in Google Analytics. You can also view the location of your players by country, city, etc...

Updating the data in Google Analytics can take some time, the data is not live! The first setup takes at least one day or two!

Future updates
  • Add more events (Leave your ideas for events in the comments).
  • Integrate tracking of other plugins like iConomy .
  • Add an better interface for other modders, to allow them tracking events in their plugins.


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