Here you can find all commands! Just type them in the Chat and you´ll get a short information, how to use it!

  • /delete : Deletes a plugin for you!
  • /favicon : Download the Favicon from a specified Server
  • /get : Get player informations or download Plugins from bukkit!
  • /hat : Give you a new look with a nice new BlockHat
  • /helix : Just a test command, spawns a helix over you
  • /kick : kick a player with this command!
  • /kill : you stuck somewhere? with this command you can easyly kill yourself
  • /killall : kill ALL players
  • /mute : players are spamming? (Un)-mute them with this command!
  • /nick : Change your Username easy with this command!
  • /op : Like the default Vanilla command
  • /ping : Get a Players ping to the Server
  • /qrcode : Download a qr code for a specified website!
  • /run : also test command! Runs Commands on Linux Servers in the Shell!
  • /server : just few informations about your server (like JavaInformations etc.)!
  • /skull : gives you the skull from a specified player!
  • /tpa : sends a Teleport Request to a player!

You wan´t more commands? Write us your wish down below in the comments!


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