This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This mod simply allows Operators and Server Admins to check who is playing with creative mode on by using /crlist (/crl) command. You can also list players with survival by use of /sulist(/sul). If you find any bugs please let me know by commenting this page or by a ticket.

Thank you, guys for the 4027( + downloads!!

Version for 1.2.5 - R2.0 Will be up soon.

1.5.5 Out!


  • /crl,/crlist - Lists players with creative.
  • /sul,/sulist - Lists players with survival.
  • /gms,/gmc - Changes Your own GameMode to survival(/gms) or creative(/gmc) Requires Op or Gmlist.canSet.survival / .creative
  • Logs gamemode changes.(LogGMChanges: true)
  • Stops gamemode changes to creative when a player hasnt got op or Gmlist.canHave.creative permission.(Requires BlockCreativeWithoutPermOrOp in config true!)
  • Logs whenever someone tries the /gm,/gamemode and /creative command. Logs the message itself so it can be easily seen who tried to change who's gm.
  • Supports Permissions(SuperPerms - PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions, PEX, Essentials GroupManager)


Game and Plugin version

Plugin(Beta): 1.5.5 supports Bukkit 1.2.5-R1.0 - #2149(Recommended build). But I can export this plugin on any version you want so If you run an old server and you want to use it simply write a comment.


  • /crlist - Lists players with creative mode on. (/crl) Requires op or Gmlist.list permission node.
  • /crl - Lists players with creative mode on.(/crlist) Requires op or Gmlist.list permission node.
  • /sulist - Lists players with survival mode on. (/sul) Requires op or Gmlist.list permission node.
  • /sul - Lists players with survival mode on.(/sulist) Requires op or Gmlist.list permission node.


  • Gmlist.*: description: Player with this permission can have and set(not yet implemented) gamemodes... children: Gmlist.canHave.creative Gmlist.list
  • Gmlist.canHave.creative: description: Player with this permission can have Creative. default: OP
  • Gmlist.canSet.creative: description: Player with this permission can set himself on Creative. default: OP
  • Gmlist.canSet.survival: description: Player with this permission can set himself on Survival. default: OP
  • Gmlist.list: description: Allows a player to lists players with creative (/crl,/sul,/crlist,/sulist) default: OP


You can download the source code on my Github.

Planned features

  • Add option to setup permissions. [DONE]
  • Add config to have a place to store setup. [DONE]
  • Add option to log Gamemode changes(to creative only maybe) [DONE]


  • You can download it right here or from my github. Newest version gonna be always here(1.5.5). Because it takes time for the file to be displayed here.
  • Testing version: Updated everytime I change something. It cant be even called Alpha. Gmlist.jar

Default config

LogGMChanges: true //If true, logs whenever a player changes his GameMode 1 --> 0 OR 0 --> 1
Debug: true //Sends debug messages to console(helps when solving problems)
LogGMCommands: true //Logs whenever someone tries to use a (/gm,/gamemode,/creative) command.(Logs the command itself so you can see who changed whos gamemode.
OpsCanHaveCreative: true //If true Ops can have Creative(But if false and usePerms is true and the player has the permission to have creative it will not block him.)
usePermissions: true //If true uses Permissions(SuperPerms,PermissionsEx).SuperPerms supports Essentials GroupManager.
BlockCreativeWithoutPermOrOp: false // Very Important setting, if true blocks players without op OR Gmlist.canHave.creative permissions having creative game mode.


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