At moment you must setup all your config in a config file. At the first startup of the plugin a sample config file is created at <bukkit plugin folder>/GlobalShop/config.yml

This is a sample config file:

#GlobalShop 0.6 by Phate
#Configuration File

#Use Yeti's Permissions system?
useYetiPerm: false

#Here the sale ratio is determined
buysell: 0.8

#Here the shops Item- and Pricelist is determined
#This is how the items are defined:
#- ItemID:ItemName:Amount:Price(:Damage/Color)
- 1:stone:64:10.00
- 4:cobblestone:64:7.00
- 278:diamond_pickaxe:1:160.00
- 35:white_wool:64:14.00:0
- 35:black_wool:64:16.00:15

You can see there are this options:

  • useYetiPerm: this is a boolean value which sets if the Yeti Permission system should be used if found
  • the buyratio: this is a float value. This will define how much percent of the buying price a user will get for selling an item
  • ShopItems: below this line are all items defined you want to sell. The first value of each line is the internal itemid. The second value is a string which defines the name of this item. The 3rd value is an amount the player must buy at minimum. the 4th value is the price for the defined minimum. The 5th value is optional and defines a color code. This can only be set up for item's that have a color.

Don't worry. If you have made errors in your config GlobalShop will show you what you have made wrong while Bukkit enables the plugin.


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