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Harry Potter Minigame is a Minigame, where you use your wand to cast different spells to eliminate the opposing team.

Joining a game of your choice, you will be teleported to the arena lobby, where you wait for enough players to join. You can either get in touch with the players or learn important information about the spells you can use inside the arena. If the players amount has reached it's minimum to start the game a countdown of 60 seconds (default time) starts and you can prepare for the battle.


When the game starts you automatically join one of the two following teams

  • House Gryffindor
  • House Slytherin

and you will get teleported to your team's spawn.

The game immediately starts and you and your teammates can run through the map towards the opponent team.


There are different spells that do damage to an enemy, some make it easier for your team to move or fool the opponents and some might save you or a teammate from death. All players have 3 lifes and if all players from the team have lost all of their 3 lifes the game will be over. The team which survived wins the game.


Ingame Controls


In the first slot of the item bar is your wand. By pressing key 2-9 you switch between your different spells and automatically activate them for you wand. To use a spell, just right click with your mouse like you would throw a snowball or shoot an arrow. Most spells shoot out of your wand towards the location you are looking at, while some spells just instantly activate for yourself like the invisible cloak which will make you invisible for your opponents for 3 seconds. All spells have different cooldowns - of course. You cant spam spells.



  • /potter createarena <arena id>
  • /potter removearena <arena id>
  • /potter setlobby <arena id>
  • /potter setspawn <Team id [1/2]> <arena id>
  • /potter startgame


  • /potter join <arena id>
  • /potter leave
  • /potter spells
  • /potter time
  • /potter help


Admin Permission:

  • potter.arena.management


You can edit

  • all messages
  • the length of the lobby countdown
  • the max. player size in the arena
  • the minimal player amount to start a game

in the config.yml file.


v1.2 [Alpha!]


The Download is not available now, because I am still working on this MiniGame, but it will be online in a few weeks to months [last update: 22.12.2017] (sorry for no release date, still some bugs to fix!)


If you have any questions feel free to mail me: [email protected]


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