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The commands are similar to Permissions Ex plugin commands because I only could remember the pex commands while developing the plugin so I took the commands idea from pex, the plugin could be considered a clone for PermissionsEx. However I did not steal anyone's work so please don't say that I stole PermissionsEx plugin because I didn't, I just used commands similar to theirs.




       /perms help

       /perms user <user> check <permission>

       /perms reload

       /perms users cleanup <group>

       /perms world

       /perms world <world> inherit <parentWorlds>

       /perms user

       /perms user <user> prefix [newprefix]

       /perms user <user> suffix [newsuffix]

       /perms user <user> delete

       /perms user <user> add <permission> [world]

       /perms  user <user> remove <permission> [world]

       /perms  user <user> group list

       /perms user <user> group add <group> 

       /perms user <user> group set <group> 

       /perms user <user> group remove <group>

       /perms set default group <group> <value>

       /perms group

       /perms groups 

       /perms group <group> prefix [newprefix]

       /perms group <group> suffix [newsuffix]

       /perms group <group> create [parents]

       /perms group <group> delete

       /perms group <group> parents set <parents> 

       /perms group <group>  group <group> add <permission> 

       /perms group <group> users 

       /perms group <group> user add <user>

       /perms group <group> user remove <user>

       /perms promote <user> <ladder>

       /perms demote <user> <ladder>




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