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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


This is a patched version for 1.9 - I have not tested it, so unsure if it'll work for versions below 1.9. I'll get a proper version out later but might remove some of the integrations with other block logging plugins as some of these integrations depend on pulling old versions of CB for whatever reason, making me unable to compile the plugin as-is. Vote in the poll here so I can determine how important (or rather, how unimportant) those integrations are.

Please report/re-report issues on the new issue tracker: https://github.com/MLG-Fortress/ExtraHardMode/issues

3.6.6 -> 3.6.7


  • Fix creepers not being able to damage
  • Fix NPE when player logs out and message is being displayed
  • The /ehm enabled command now shows all disabled and enabled worlds, making it easier to figure out issues.

3.6.5 -> 3.6.6


  • Try to fix ConcurrentModificationExcpetion again ;-) this time it should work.

3.6.4 -> 3.6.5


  • Fix ConcurrentModificationException spamming console

3.6.3 -> 3.6.4


  • Remove debugging messages "=" signs

3.6.2 -> 3.6.3


  • Fix items not getting destroyed by lava

3.6.1 -> 3.6.2


  • Fix players jumping forward with armor slowdown

3.6 -> 3.6.1


  • Fix error

3.5.4 -> 3.6


  • Fix inventory message not going away.


  • The more armor a player is wearing the slower he walks.

3.5.3 -> 3.5.4


  • Fix lag and crashes with weight calculation by significatly reducing the checking rate

3.5.2 -> 3.5.3


  • Update to 1.8
  • Hopefully fixed issues with scoreboard and spigot. I was not able to reproduce the errors.

3.5.1 -> 3.5.2

Make sure to check your config, some nodes might have changed and enabled things that where previously disabled. I worked on most of the stuff back in April so I might have forgotten some things.


  • Removed support for WorldGuard

3.5 -> 3.5.1


  • spamming error
  • some config nodes resetting to 0

3.4.2 -> 3.5


  • carrots and potatoes are affected by the dead bush mechanic


  • Added configuration to add blocks from modded versions of minecraft
  • Softened stone blocks don't have to be in the fallingblocks list to fall
  • Added configuration to change the effects and damage multipliers for the environmental damage option
  • Added configuration to the "items loss on death feature" which enables blacklisting of items and damaging of tools instead of deleting tools completely
  • Zombies will drop zombie skulls on the floor when resurrecting. Breaking the skull will prevent the zombie from resurrecting
  • Added a config to reduce damage from zombiepigmen, which is a bit too high in vanilla mc
  • Added a config to enable drops from falling blocks being broken by torches