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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.6-R0.3


2.4 Updates!

  • Rain now puts out exposed torches, causing them to fall to the ground as items. Any block (even leaves) is enough to shelter them from the rain.
  • Witches now use the poison splash potion much less often. They now do direct damage (1.5 hearts, armor ignored) with explosive potions that only hurt players, summon henchmen to their aid, and teleport.
  • Monsters now spawn in the light underground, including silverfish.
  • Breaking netherrack may now start a fire.
  • The "seed reduction" option is much improved. Now plantings (meaning the collection of everything you've planted) of wheat will shrink by about 25% each time it's harvested, and plantings of other types will remain roughly the same over time, assuming the player eats some of the crop. Instead of limiting the number of seeds dropped by a broken plant, all plants will be allowed to drop their normal seeds, but sometimes a plant die off instead of growing to its full size, eliminating both its food and seed output.
  • The ender dragon now respawns, and drops a dragon egg when it dies.
  • The seed reduction for watermelons no longer impacts other worlds where EHM is disabled.
  • The "extra TNT from recipe" no longer impacts other worlds where EHM is disabled.