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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R2.0


1.7 Updates!

  • Zombies may now come back to life after being slain, and have a slowing attack. If burned, they will not come back to life.
  • Skeletons may now fire knockback arrows for half damage but big knockback. They may also fire silverfish at players, which will then attack on their own.
  • Sheep will now grow only white wool. Players will have to farm dyes if they want lots of colored wool.
  • Environmental damage is increased, and will sometimes apply temporary effects like slowness, dizzyness, and blindness.
  • Blazes now set the ground beneath them on fire when they take damage, discouraging players from "rushing" them as they do most monsters.
  • Blazes now drop gunpowder and glowstone dust, useful for diamond mining in the normal world.
  • Nether wart is no longer farmable, but it may still be planted for looks.
  • Zombie pigmen slain in nether fortresses now reliably drop nether wart.
  • Magma cubes are now more common in the nether, and will explode into blaze form when damaged.
  • Fixed players placing ore blocks as an exploit to tunnel.
  • Fixed monsters spawned from spawner blocks dropping loot.
  • Fixed spiders dropping webbing on water and lava.