Freeze GUI plugin

Hey there,


this is a plugin that allows you to freeze players on your server with a GUI system!



-What does freeze do?

You can freeze a hacker/player on your server! And it freezes a player by tp the selected player to the same player so its stuck in a tp loop.


-Why freeze?

If you have any kind of bad player/hacker on your server but you dont want to ban him so he can suffer

more on your server :D, you simply freeze him!


-How to use?

1. Just typ /freeze.

2. Select a player on your server.

3. Click on the GREEN WOOL to freeze the player.

4. Done! 


If you have a problem with clicking on the next or previous page button in the players list pleasse contact me on discord or here bcs i didnt test it out with more then 45+ players becausse i dont have 45+ players on my server.



/freeze (if you use this command then you open the freeze player list)



freeze.main (this permission allows you to open the freeze player list)


If you use this plugin on your server you can promote your server by placing a comment on this page and i can place you server IP here!




You can check this website two, it shows alott of bukkit/spigot/... plugins!


You can join my discord server for discussions here:


You can also join my skyblock server and i hope we can create

together a nice community on it! IP:



Have a nice day!




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