FortuneBlocks - A enchantment enhancement plugin

The purpose of FortuneBlocks is to allow servers to let players use their fortune enchanted picks to break other blocks and receive the bonuses!
It also has the ability of making drops go straight to a player's inventory with the same effects as before.


Any versions posted will be the last versions that will be released. Due to extenuating circumstances I will not be adding any more features of fixing any bugs that may arise. All future versions will be hosted at a different location. To find it simply search for the plugin on google using the same name.


There are not a ton of commands, with the intention of making this plugin as simple as possible to use.

Admin Commands
  • /fortuneblocks - List current commands


The following are the permissions for the plugin.
  • fortuneblocks.command - Allows the player to change the items of the plugin


This plugin can be used right out of the box without any changes made, but here are some of the things you may want to change.

  • You can add blocks by either using the in game command posted above, or using the config and reloading the plugin.


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