This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Why we did this

I can almost hear you think: "why the hell would these guys make such a dumb plugin"? This plugin was actually made when we were bored. I (datdenkikniet) was playing on a server, and then DjFaRock told me he knew something fun. He said: "Lets make a stupid plugin!". I agreed on doing it, and see: here it is!

Commands and permissions

command/capabillitypermissionwhat it doesaliases
/fokrokno permission neededthis will get you banned
(note: you do get fancy fireworks!)
not be banned by using /fokrokfokrok.bypasssee capabillitynone
/fokrok reloadfokrok.reloadreload the ban configuration/fr reload
/fokrok <playername>fokrok.fokrokban a player (works for offline and online players)/fr <playername
/fokrok unfokrok <playername>fokrok.unfokrokunban a player/fr ufr <playername>,
/fokrok ufr <playername>,
/fr unfokrok <playername>
saying sorry in chat, to prevent
yourself from getting
fokrok.escapesee capabillitynone
/fokrok listfokrok.listUse this command to view all banned players/fr list
/fokrok switchfokrok.switchUse this command to switch the saving methods and transfer all data over/fr switch


NameWhat is itWhat do you use it for
player-not-to-mess-withThe player you shouldn't mess with...Sets the name of the player not to mess with in the message recieved when using /fokrok
mysql-enabledWether the MySQL is enabled or not
mysql-usernameYour MySQL database usernamethe username the plugin will use to connect to your MySQL database
mysql-passwordYour MySQL passwordThe password the plugin will use to connect to your MySQL database (NOTE: I won't steal your password!)
mysql-hostnameYour MySQL database host URLThe database host the plugin will connect to
mysql-databaseYour MySQL database nameThe Database the plugin will connect to
mysql-portYour MySQL database port (default is 3306)The port the plugin will use
devmode-enabledWether Development mode is enabledSetting this to true will log all MySQL errors to the console

What it does

It's a simple (troll) bansystem (it does really work though) that bans a player without the bypass permission (OP). If you have the bypass permission (OP) you can type /fokrok and nothing will happen, if a player without the bypass types /fokrok they will get spammed with explosions and firework. Also they will see a countdown from 20 to 0. If the player has the correct permission and types a message in the chat containing the word "sorry", the banisment will be canceled.

To do

Things to doDone?
Fix explosion bugDone
Add a banlistDone
Make the banlist look betterIn Progress
Add a config where you can change the 'messed with <playername>' warningDone!
Add MySQL support when 20 downloads are reachedDone!
Create a cruel tutorialDone
Add "poof" particles when 200 downloads are reachedDone!
Create a New "useless" plugin @ 1000 downloads!Pending...


I haven't put the source on github yet. If you want me to, please tell me in the comments!


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