Why we did this

I can almost hear you think: "why the hell would these guys make such a dumb plugin"? This plugin was actually made when we were bored. I (datdenkikniet) was playing on a server, and then DjFaRock told me he knew something fun. He said: "Lets make a stupid plugin!". I agreed on doing it, and see: here it is!

Commands and permissions

command/capabillitypermissionwhat it doesaliases
/fokrokno permission neededthis will get you banned
(note: you do get fancy fireworks!)
not be banned by using /fokrokfokrok.bypasssee capabillitynone
/fokrok reloadfokrok.reloadreload the ban configuration/fr reload
/fokrok <playername>fokrok.fokrokban a player (works for offline and online players)/fr <playername
/fokrok unfokrok <playername>fokrok.unfokrokunban a player/fr ufr <playername>,
/fokrok ufr <playername>,
/fr unfokrok <playername>
saying sorry in chat, to prevent
yourself from getting
fokrok.escapesee capabillitynone
/fokrok listfokrok.listUse this command to view all banned players/fr list
/fokrok switchfokrok.switchUse this command to switch the saving methods and transfer all data over/fr switch


NameWhat is itWhat do you use it for
player-not-to-mess-withThe player you shouldn't mess with...Sets the name of the player not to mess with in the message recieved when using /fokrok
mysql-enabledWether the MySQL is enabled or not
mysql-usernameYour MySQL database usernamethe username the plugin will use to connect to your MySQL database
mysql-passwordYour MySQL passwordThe password the plugin will use to connect to your MySQL database (NOTE: I won't steal your password!)
mysql-hostnameYour MySQL database host URLThe database host the plugin will connect to
mysql-databaseYour MySQL database nameThe Database the plugin will connect to
mysql-portYour MySQL database port (default is 3306)The port the plugin will use
devmode-enabledWether Development mode is enabledSetting this to true will log all MySQL errors to the console

What it does

It's a simple (troll) bansystem (it does really work though) that bans a player without the bypass permission (OP). If you have the bypass permission (OP) you can type /fokrok and nothing will happen, if a player without the bypass types /fokrok they will get spammed with explosions and firework. Also they will see a countdown from 20 to 0. If the player has the correct permission and types a message in the chat containing the word "sorry", the banisment will be canceled.

To do

Things to doDone?
Fix explosion bugDone
Add a banlistDone
Make the banlist look betterIn Progress
Add a config where you can change the 'messed with <playername>' warningDone!
Add MySQL support when 20 downloads are reachedDone!
Create a cruel tutorialDone
Add "poof" particles when 200 downloads are reachedDone!
Create a New "useless" plugin @ 1000 downloads!Pending...


I haven't put the source on github yet. If you want me to, please tell me in the comments!


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