FlyTime - For Towny

This plugin allows you to grant time-limited flying permission, and restrict it to a player's own town borders.


  • flytime.townflight - required to allow flight.
  • flytime.give - required to allow giving out fly-time. (grant this permission to admins/mods)


There is only one command: /flytime

With no arguments it enables flight when the player is within their town borders, has fly-time available, and has the flytime.townflight permission. The players available fly-time is only used up while they are actually in flight.

if at any point the player remains on the ground for 5 seconds, flight is automatically disabled. this is to prevent exploiting /flytime for permanent fall-damage immunity.

/flytime give <player> <timeinseconds> can be used by anyone with the flytime.give permission to give fly-time to other players.

Source Code

source is available on github


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