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ATTENTION: At this time I'm not able to maintain this project. If any experienced developer wants to maintain this project while I can't, contact-me.

FLockClient is a small and simple tool to force players to use the server defined .jar, It might be useful to modded server and also can work to prevent hacked clients, forcing all the players to use a clean .jar. A client-side modification is required.

Pages: Instructions || Permissions || Key Numbers || Jenkins


  • Highly Configurable
  • Random security keys
  • Multiples clients
  • Force player to use a defined client
  • Permissions to each client
  • Download files from the server
  • Permanent ban by MAC address
  • more


FLockClient.DebugReceive in-game debug messages
FLockClient.F3Access access to the "F3" menu
FLockClient.TextureAbility to bypass the texture pack lock
FLockClient.hash.<client>Access to the <client> defined
FLockClient.Gui.DebugShow debug information on download
FLockClient.ByEmptyJoin the server without the client


  • /lc ban - Ban the player MAC address
  • /lc unban - unBan the player MAC address
  • /lc info - Show information about a client
  • /lc list - List players using any authorized client
  • /lc reload - Reload the configuration
  • /lc unex - Re-enable the anti-cheat protection


This plugin is made to work with a client mode that is available here, if you don't use the mod, the server will not recognise you!

Know Bugs

  • Sometimes the kick message will not be properly shown, this is not related to FLockClient.
  • Let me know if you find any!


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