Flight Gem Plugin

This plugin provides a single item which grants its holder the ability to fly. The player will be able to fly while holding the item in his hand. When the item is not in use it is automatically returned to a designated dispenser for other players to use.


When not in use the item is returned to its dispenser. The item may not be stored in containers, is lost upon logout, and may not be crafted. When the item is unloaded or destroyed it will respawn.

When a player takes damage while holding the item in his hand the item will be dropped.


  • /findgem
    • Reports the current location of the flight gem and points a player's compass to that location
  • /setflightgemrespawn
    • Changes the respawn dispenser to the one currently pointed to by the player
  • /flightgem
    • Creates a new flight item. Typically this command is unnecessary.


  • flightgem.bypass
    • Allows the player to bypass the inventory transfer restrictions of the flight item.
  • flightgem.creategem
    • Allows the player to use the /flightgem command
  • flightgem.setflightrespawn
    • Allows the player to use the /setflightgemrespawn command
  • flightgem.findgem
    • Allows the player to use the /findgem command


  • flightgem.respawn.message
    • The message sent to all players when the flight item is returned to the dispenser
  • flightgem.object.name
    • The display name of the flight item (Default: Flight gem)
  • flightgem.object.material
    • The material of the flight item. (Default: DIAMOND)
  • flightgem.object.lore
    • A list of the lore lines. This should never be empty to avoid easy cloning. (Default: [Flight])

Source access


Live Demo

We use this plugin on the Snaketopia server accessible at pdxmc.com where the gem is accessible in the floating spawn building. Learn more at PDXMC


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