FishRewards Elevate Your Fishing Experience in Minecraft!


   The FishRewards plugin is a modification that alters the fishing system. You can earn custom rewards while using it.

   Here's how it works:  You cast your fishing rod and wait for a bite. When you reel it in, there's a chance you'll receive a chest containing a reward. All of this comes with a beautiful animation.

    Features: Server administrators can easily configure everything through a simplified GUI menu using the command /fishrewards admin.

    Our plugin currently supports three types of rewards: item rewards, spawning entities (mobs), and executing commands in the command line (You can execute any command, granting privileges, money, anything. Where you need to specify the nickname of the player change it to {player} you can see in the example DonatePack).

   Creating a reward chest: You can create one through the admin GUI or by copying the standard chest configuration into the directory (folder packs). The best method is to use the GUI. 



Need permission to execute command : fishrewarads.admin
/fishrewarads reload-pack <packname> - pack reload
/fishrewarads admin - open admin menu

Plugin setup



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