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    Dec 20, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R1.0



  • Added ability to give players written books on first join through text files. The first line of the file will be the name of the book, and the second is the author (color codes accepted), use '/np' on it's own line to start a new page. Place files in the FirstJoinPlus folder.
  • Added ability to name your first join items, just add another period with the name (color codes accepted). Example: 57.1.0.A diamond block!
  • Added ability to change the notify sound in the configuration.
  • Added 'debug' configuration option. When enabled, every join will be treated as a first joiner, even if it's not. Use this for testing.
  • Fixed the configuration option to give items on first join being called 'itemonfirstjoin' instead of 'itemsonfirstjoin'. You'll need to fix this manually unless you reset your configuration.
  • This version REQUIRES the latest CraftBukkit RB or higher (released 12/18/12): http://dl.bukkit.org/latest-rb/craftbukkit.jar

Please note this will likely be the last update for a while. This plugin is now in it's mature stage and has 0 known bugs, and should be feature complete. Future versions will only be released to add requested features (request them on the BukkitDev page!) or to fix bugs.

This plugin will not need to be updated for future Bukkit/Minecraft versions, and should work for a long time to come. If/when the Bukkit API introduces breaking changes, this will be updated - if you see it hasn't been updated in a while chances are it still works. This plugin will be ported to the official Minecraft API as soon as it's released.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this plugin!