FigAdmin Reloaded

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

FigAdmin Reloaded v1.0

I did not make this plugin, I have just updated it so all the people that loved figadmin can now enjoy the uodated version :D

The source is now fixed. It is only on the version before the most recent however. FigAdmin is an updated version of KiwiAdmin by yottabyte. Outdated KiwiAdmin It includes some pretty awesome stuff such as:

  • Ban records
  • IP banning
  • Editing bans
  • Warnings
  • MySql or Flatfile support
  • Support for Permissions, Vault
  • PHP script for a public banlist table (if you use MySQL)
  • Import ban database from KiwiAdmin
  • Completely fig free*
  • may contain traces of peanuts.


  1. Download latest version of FigAdmin and put it in plugins/ folder
  2. Restart server with save-all and then stop
  3. Find the FigAdmin config file in plugins/FigAdmin/config.yml and edit it till you are happy
  4. Do /reloadfig

Plugin Usage:

  • /ban player (reason) - bans player
  • /tempban player time sec/min/hour/day/week/month (reason) - Temporarily ban player
  • /ipban on|off turns - IP banning on/off (will IP ban only for online players)
  • /unban player - unbans player
  • /unbanip ip - unbans players with ip
  • /checkban player - Checks to see if player is banned
  • /kick player (reason) - kicks player
  • /kick - kicks all the players from the server
  • /warn player reason - Issues a warning to given player
  • /clearwarnings player - Clears warnings for given player
  • /exportbans - Writes ban database out to banned-players.txt (Vanilla ban list)
  • /reloadfig - Reloads FigAdmin
  • /figadmin - Displays version info
  • /importkiwi table [database] - Imports KiwiAdmin database (only do this once!)


  • /ban - figadmin.ban
  • /tempban - figadmin.tempban
  • /ipban - figadmin.ipban
  • /unban - figadmin.unban
  • /unbanip - figadmin.unbanip
  • /checkban - figadmin.checkban
  • /kick - figadmin.kick
  • /kick * - figadmin.kick.all
  • /warn - figadmin.warn
  • /clearwarnings - figadmin.clearwarnings
  • /exportbans - figadmin.export
  • /reloadfig - figadmin.reload
  • /importkiwi - Must be a server operator

Config Option

Most of the config options are self-explanatory.

  • ip-ban: when this is set to 'true' all online players that are banned are also IP banned
  • bans-to-banned-players: when set to true all permanently banned players will be written to banned-players.txt in the server folder
  • auto-ban-on-warnings: when this set to any number greater than 0 players will be automatically temp-banned.
  • auto-ban-time: Auto temp ban time (see above); i.e. '1 day' For example if auto-ban-on-warnings is set to 2 then if a player receives 3 warnings then they will be temp banned for 1 day. NOTE: When a player is auto-temp banned their warnings will also be cleared. (I thought this would be a good idea?)


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