What does FerryEffects

FerryEffects is a plugin that can be used to apply effects to players like enchanting table particles of heart shaped particles.

It can be better showed with some pictures:

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4


Notice: The main command is /particle and /p and /ferryeffects are aliasses of it Notice: The commands at /particle help reflect the command used to access the plugin Notice: All commands support filling in options with TAB, like the Vanila /scoreboard, /enchant and /give

/particle add <Effect> <Player>

Adds effect <Effect> to <player>

/particle remove <Effect> <Player>

Removes effect <effect> from <player>

/particle toggle <Effect> <Player>

Toggles <effect> on <player>, turning it on if its off, and the other way around

/particle pulse <Effect> <Player> <Amount>

Apply <effect> on <player> for <amount> times

/particle list <Player>

List all effects on <player>

/particle help

This command can be used in case you need help ingame and don't want to go to the bukkit page


This plugin has 4 permission nodes:


All permissions


Change effects on yourself


Change effects on other players


Allows you to add more than 3 effects with a single commands

Large list of effects

The following effects are programmed inside this plugin (notice that there are too many to provide screenshots for all):

  • anvil.use
  • bubble
  • cloud
  • creeper.hiss
  • crit
  • depth.suspend
  • enchantment.table
  • ender.signal
  • explosion.carrot
  • explosion.fire
  • explosion.huge
  • explosion.large
  • explosion.tiny
  • firework.spark
  • flame footstep
  • heart
  • hurt
  • instant.spell
  • lapis.lazuli.break
  • lava.break
  • lava.drip
  • lava.flame
  • magic.crit
  • mob.spell
  • mob.spell.ambient
  • note
  • obsidian.break
  • portal
  • portal.break
  • quartz.block.break
  • redstone.block.break
  • red.dust
  • shovel.snow
  • slime
  • smoke.huge
  • smoke.large
  • snowball.poof
  • spell splash
  • suspend
  • town.aura
  • villager.angry
  • villager.happy
  • water.break
  • water.drip
  • witch.magic

There is also a magic effect called "all" that in combination with /particle remove can be used to remove all particles

Planned Features

/particle type <effect>

Shows the effect of <effect>, like if its a sound, visual, block break or animation.

Source Code

The source code is included inside the distributed .jar file as .java files


This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server http://mcstats.org/. You can disable it by editing plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and setting opt-out to true.

This plugin required FerryPluginCore

It can be downloaded at http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/ferryplugincore/


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