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Okay this plugin is very simple as you should know common FAQ plugins. Users can use /faq <tag> to get the answer to a specific question. This plugin was requested by my server admin, because he wanted to send the answers as a kind of binding.

The first tag is always the name, then you can add as many as you want. If you dont use the ingame-commands make sure that you don't use tags twice.

If you have faq.read permissions:
/faq|f - will display a list of all faqs
/faq|f <tag> - will display the answer to the question with the specific tag
If you have faq.send or faq.edit permissions:
/faq|f - will display a list of all faqs
/f <tag> - will broadcast the answer to all players without faq.send|edit permissions
/f <tag> <name> - will send the answer to all players starting with <name>

With faq.edit permissions you can use:
/fa create <name> <answer> - Create a new FAQ with an answer
/fa answer <name> - Show the current answer
/fa set <name> <answer> - Set a new answer
/fa del <name> <answer> - Delete a FAQ
/fa ren <name> <answer> - Rename a FAQ
/fa tags <name> - Show all tags for a FAQ
/fa add <name> <tag> - Add <tag> to FAQ
/fa rem <name> <tag> - Remove <tag> from FAQ
/fa reload - Reload config & '/faq'-list

color - default color and general chat color

You can and should configurate the answers in the config file, but you can also use the commands to generate a structure. Use \n for linebreaks and &c[0-f] for color-changes.

faq.read - for users
faq.send - for moderators
faq.edit - for admins


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