(Buggy, please wait for fix) Customizable speed and max angle, working until MC 1.35.7


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    Jul 18, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10


First Release: bit of randomness

1.0 : no oak wood from other wood blocks :D

1.1: Control over direction, and little bit of optimation ( - no spout 1.7.9 async error fix, yet)

1.1.1: no acasia from dark oak :) and metrics

1.1.2: spout should work now :D - Bukkitscheduler instead of new Thread

1.2: (better block selection system) eclipse building fail

1.2.1 MathHelper added - fast sin and cos

1.2.2 speed and max angle customizable, working 4ever

maybe a bit crazy sometimes large trees wont fall complete down (ask for extra big trees for an extra version(if anyone needs it, Ill do it(more blocks than 80 logs(oak, others more) + leaves in radius 4)))