Falling Trees

==== First: Thanks for > 10k Downloads :D! 20k? Sounds possible :D ====

Do you would like to have a tree, that behaves like in natur instead of floating trees, or onetime cuting? Of course, this can be dangerous, if a tree will fall over you, but it brings a bit more realism to minecraft.

open servers using this plugin

It's half fun, half hardcore and a little to show your server is special. Maybe you will die in your first trees. You can sneak to avoid a fall of your new house :D

Your trees will fall down when you grab the lowest block.

If you enable the option in the config, you may need an enchantment for falling trees like that :) - this enchantment is given at a configurable chance,

If you´ve any wishes please tell me!

Thanks for the plugin showcases :D - maybe one time we have one for every language ;)

English by CraftingBenchMC:

German by me:

Portuguese by AbsintoJ:

Simplest and best /help tool Plugin Help, reacting to any input

Configuration and Permissions

speedFactor: the higher, the faster

minLeaves: min number of leaves

minLogs: min number of logs

minLogsPerLeave: additional logs needed per leave (set it pretty low like .1 or .03)

maxAlpha: the higher the deeper trees will fall down (in degrees)

maxLogsInARow: max logs in a row interpreted as The Tree

maxLeavesInARow: max leaves in a row interpreted as The Tree

stopFallingAfterMilliSeconds: after how many milliseconds the last blocks should stand still (anti lagg)

enchantment.needed: enable the enchantment and is it needed for chopping a tree with this plugin?

enchantment.chance: ]0, 1] how big is the chance that your axe gets this enchantment?

enchantment.name: the name for the enchantment (§r§7 gives it the default enchantment look)

disabledWorlds: a list of world names, in which trees shall not fall down

sendData2mcstatsorg: is my plugin allowed to show me sb uses it?


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