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*Warning: intended only for use on servers such as forks of Spigot and Paper where falling block duplication is patched.

Use of this plugin on other servers will likely cause double-duping!*


Falling block duplication has long existed in the vanilla Minecraft game and has become an integral part of many technical as well as non-technical Minecraft servers. However, some servers such as forks of Spigot and Paper have patched the duplication mechanic and not provided an option to re-enable falling block duplication.


This plugin mimics the falling block duplication mechanic on servers where it is patched. Players can more efficiently gather sand and other resources to realize their goals as the original game intended, all while retaining the benefits of their advanced Spigot/Paper server.


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1.18.2 requires a small change to the RaysWorks duplicator design (check the description of the video linked below).

The 1.17 version should still work on 1.18 servers. The 1.18 version only differs from the 1.17 version cosmetically and has been tested on the latest Paper 1.18.2 release.

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Commands and Configuration


Usage: /falling [block type] [enable/disable]


Block types are sand (sand, red sand), anvil (anvil, chipped anvil, damaged anvil), dragon egg (dragon egg), and decorative (all other falling blocks: gravel, concrete powder, etc.)


Each block type can be individually enabled or disabled by a server operator. Permission: falling.cheat


Sand and decorative block types are enabled by default, and anvil and dragon egg block types are disabled by default. Run /falling with no arguments to check what is currently enabled.




Plugin tested with RaysWorks's sand duplicator design (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfeGyXJOCBw) and Shulkercraft's dragon egg duplicator design (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51IVqEQe8ZY) on a Paper release.


This plugin detects when a falling block entity moving in the direction of an end portal block lands next to the end portal block.


If all requirements are met and the falling block's block type is enabled, the plugin will generate an item corresponding to the falling block that will fall into the end portal with a velocity similar to that of the falling block. This effectively mimics the outcome of the event should it have occurred on a vanilla server.




I hope you enjoy this plugin and find it easy to use. To add it to your server, drop the .jar into your server's plugins folder and restart or reload/enable.


Feedback is appreciated! Feel free to let me know what you think and how FallingOverride could be improved in the future.



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