This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Spawn you own decoration Mobs!

FakeMobs can spawn Fake Mobs, which do nothing.
They didn't move, attacking Players, breaking Blocks, ...
This is useful for decoration Mobs or other.


Present Features

  • Spawn Mobs without Bukkit Extras
  • No movement, attacks, Interacts, Functions, etc. of the Mobs
  • Give custom items to your NPCs
  • Equip Elytra to your NPCs and make it flying
  • Mobs as NPC!
  • Give the Mobs Names!
  • Give the Mob a Inventory!
  • Create own villager inventories!
  • Sit a pet entity
  • A Playerlook Function (The Mob will look at you any time)
  • Mob interact functions


/FakeMob create <Type>Spawn a FakemobFakeMobs.create
/FakeMob select [Id]Select a FakemobFakeMobs.select
/FakeMob name <Name/none>Give the Fakemob a NameFakeMobs.name
/FakeMob sittingChange the Sitting state of a pet (Wolf/Ocelot)FakeMobs.sitting
/FakeMob lookEnable/Disable the Players LookFakeMobs.look
/FakeMob teleportChange the Location of the selected FakemobFakeMobs.teleport
/FakeMob glidingMake your human NPC glidingFakeMobs.gliding
/FakeMob layerChange between human skin layersFakeMobs.layer
/FakeMob inv <hand/boots/leggings/chestplate/helmet> <Item/interact>Give the Fakemob a InventoryFakeMobs.inv
/FakeMob shop enableGive the Fakemob a Shop.FakeMobs.shop
/FakeMob shop disableRemove the Shop from a FakemobFakeMobs.shop
/FakeMob shop addItem <Item 1>;[Item 2];<Output>Add a Item to the Fakemob ShopFakeMobs.shop
/FakeMob shop removeItem <id>Remove a Item from the Fakemob Shop (You can see Id's in /FakeMob shop items)FakeMobs.shop
/FakeMob shop clearRemove all Items from the Fakemob ShopFakeMobs.shop
/FakeMob shop itemsList all Items in the Fakemob ShopFakeMobs.shop
/FakeMob interact add <Type> <Value>Add Interact Action to the MobFakeMobs.interact
/FakeMob interact remove <ID>Remove Interact ActionFakeMobs.interact
/FakeMob interact listList all Interact Actions from the MobFakeMobs.interact
/FakeMob interact clearRemove all Interact Actions from the MobFakeMobs.interact
/FakeMob removeRemove the selected FakemobFakeMobs.remove
/FakeMob reloadReload NPC db and skinsFakeMobs.reload

How To's


This 'How To' will tell you how to install this plugin.

  1. Download the latest jar from this page
  2. Place the jar in your servers plugins folder
  3. Reload or restart your server

Plugin Requirements

ProtocolLib is required for run.

Shop Items

The item format is equal to the vanilla format.
If you use HAND, the item in your hand will used.



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