This plugin adds a kind of Guild Bank functionality to Factions.

It allows faction members to create and open virtual chests to store items faction-wide.

This plugin is in Beta status. There will be some changes in how the plugin saves the inventories in the next versions. Because of this, databases produced by the current versions will not be compatible with future versions. I recommend that you use the available versions for testing purposes only.

With the release of version 0.4 Beta the database won't change again anytime soon.

After enough testing and feedback 0.4 Beta will be promoted to release status.


  • Factions
  • Vault (soft dependency)


  • /f listchests - lists all available chests to you
  • /f addchest <name> [access=M] - adds a virtual faction chest with the name <name> and the access permission access (default M)
  • /f openchest <name> - opens the chest identified by <name>
  • /f chestaccess <name> - changes the access mode of the chest <name> between M (all members) and S (officers and above only)

Rank-based chest access

Starting in version 0.4 Beta all chests have rank-based access policies:

  • M (all members)
  • S (officers and above only)

Configuration (introduced in 0.3 Beta) (default config.yml from 0.4 Beta: )

# configuration option descriptions and default values
# --------------------------------------
# useVault: true
# true = try to enable Vault
# false = do not use Vault, even if it is available
# --------------------------------------
# useEconomy: true
# true = use Vault's economy (use Vault has to be true)
# false = do not use economy, even if it is available#
# --------------------------------------
# usePermissions: true
# true = use Vault's permissions (use Vault has to be true)
# false = do not use permissions, even if it is available
# --------------------------------------
# chesttitle: Faction Chest
# sets the title of the virtual chests
# in-game display: "FCVC - <chest title> - <chest name>"
# --------------------------------------
# chestslots: 54
# the number of slots a newly created chest has
# must be a multiple of 9 or the default of 54 will be used
# --------------------------------------
# chestprice: 50
# the price a player has to pay when he wants to create a new chest
# --------------------------------------
# maxchests: 5
# the maximum number of chests a faction can have
# --------------------------------------
# Configuration:
useVault: true
useEconomy: true
usePermissions: true
chesttitle: Faction Chest
chestslots: 54
chestprice: 50
maxchests: 5


  • FactionsChests.open - allows usage of /f openchest
  • FactionsChests.add - allows usage of /f addchest
  • FactionsChests.access - allows usage of /f chestaccess
  • FactionsChests.list - allows usage of /f listchests

More Info

  • The chests are faction bound (not tag bound) so they will stay with the faction even when the name changes.
  • It is not possible for two or more players to access the same chest simultaneously.
  • The chest's content is saved whenever it is closed and when the server is shut down (as of 0.3 Beta).
  • Chest names are limited to 10 characters (as of 0.3 Beta).
  • The /f chestaccess command is only usable by faction officers and above (normal faction members with the permission FactionsChests.access are not able to use the command).


  • Add Vault support
  • Add Permissions
  • Implement price for creating new chests
  • Add configuration options (chest price, slots, etc.)
  • Add rank-dependend chests (member chests and officer & admin chests)
  • Open for new ideas


10.08.2012 v0.4
- Added permission support
- Added chest access control based on faction ranks
- Added /f chestaccess command
- Added configurable maximum number of chests per faction
- Minor modifications

09.08.2012 v0.3
- Added Vault support (economy)
- Added configuration options
- Added chest price
- All chests are now saved when the server shuts down (clean shutdown only!) to prevent item loss or duplication because of open virtual chests
- Chest names are now limited to 10 characters
- Removed some debug code
- Minor modifications

09.08.2012 v0.2
- Fixed major issue with an old faction's chests beeing accessible from a newly created faction after the old one was disbanded (id issue)
- Removed some debug code

09.08.2012 v0.1
- Initial release


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