Extreme Random Spawn

Whit this plugin you will be able to set "SpawnPoints" on your world. Players will spawn for first time on one of this SP, randomly. After that, each respawn will get them on their SP. You can also choose on config.yml if you want to able or disable the plugin, to keep the player first SP or respawn always on a random SP and you can also choose if you want to respawn on bed once a player have a bed spawn or not.

ERS Commands:

  • /ers setspawnpoint <sp name>: Create a new SP on the current location. If already exist, change his locations.
  • /ers removespawnpoint <sp name>: Remove the SP.
  • /ers listspawnpoint: List all the SP whit their locations.
  • /ers setplayerspawnpoint <playername> <sp name>: Assign <playername> to <sp name>. If the player has already an sp, it will be removed.
  • /ers listplayerspawnpoint <sp name>: List all players assigned to <sp name>.

ERS Permission nodes

  • ers.*: Give all permissions.
  • ers.(commandname): Give access to (commandname) command.


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