Always wanted to have arrows explode in your server? Then this plugin is for you, it adds the ability to toggle exploding arrows on or off with on simple command. Most useful for griefing/pvp servers that want to have fun battles.

If you type /ea in-game you will toggle the exploding arrows plugin, thus arrows will explode on impact.

In depth description

This plugin, simply adds exploding arrows. They can be very fun if you have a PvP server and want to blow up the enemies castle. They can also be used in cave mining, if you want to clear out a big cave very quickly. That is where this plugin comes in handy as it does all those things. The explosion is 1 bigger than TNT so you will be dealing quite alot of damage to the player or the area you're trying to destroy.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to setup and install.
  • Good fun.
  • Uses hunger as the 'Mana' so it is not to overpowered.
  • Damages player 2 hearts, no matter how far away the player is from the initial explosion.


  • /ea - Toggles the feature on or off.
  • aliases: [explode, earrows, earrow, exarrow, exarrows]


  • explodingarrows.use - Allows the usergroup to use the Exploding Arrows feature.

How to install

  • Download ExplodingArrows.jar.
  • Drag and drop it into your plugins folder in your server directory.
  • If your server is loaded bring it to a stand still.
  • Load it again and make sure the plugin loads correctly.
  • Stop your server again.
  • Reopen and use the plugin.
  • Enjoy. :D


  • Add permissions. - DONE
  • Add other cool features.
  • The arrow will only explode if it's at full velocity and the player has AT LEAST 10 arrows remaining. (Reduces overpoweredness.)

Development builds: http://ci.bitzcraftonline.com:8080/job/ExplodingArrows/ My server: http://bitzcraftonline.com/


Love ExplodingArrows? Want to help the server that sponsors it and runs it? Donate to us! Vote for us!


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