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This plugin requires PreciousStones v7.0.6 or higher!


Beta Release Notes

This plugin is tested against bukkit 1.0.1-R1 and PreciousStones v7.0.8b.

Please, post your issues on github: Issues

All bug-reports are highly welcome

What is it?

ExpensiveStones is a plugin for PreciousStones. PreciousStones is a plugin for bukkit adding a self-protection-service for the players on a server through blocks.

ExpensiveStones adds upkeepcost to these PreciousStones.

How To Use

Place a stone and this plugin will automatically recognize it and disable it.

Next, place a chest near the block you want your activation-sign being placed.

Finally place a sign with the text "[ExpStone]" and let the magic happen.

Added since v0.2.0: When you want to activate multiple fields at once you can hook them up with redstone. When you power the sign it will switch into Powered-state. Mind that you can still toggle the power by clicking the signs.

What happens

When the sign is placed ExpensiveStones searches the surrounding for a dormant stone. This is done in a sphere with a radius of 2 around the sign. Then it will try to find a chest in a cuboid around the sign.

If everything is present it will register and disable the field. When you either click the sign or the block it will toggle the field. It will then check if the resources are in the chest and schedule it's activation.

Clicked on the sign/block again it will disable on the next periodCheck.

Why this plugin for a plugin?

I adore ExpenisiveStones for its functionality. It allows the player himself to add protections to area's they define their own. But when you play on a all-out-pvp-warfare-server things might go strange when adding a few of these blocks to the mix.

For example the 'you-shall-not-pass'-block: When set up no one is able to enter the field until it goes down, creating an unfair advatage for the defenders for having a perfect defence.

What this plugin attempts to do is adding upkeepcost to the use of these stones. Meaning the defenders need to keep their supplies in check or their shield will go down, creating new strategies for the attacker.

What does it affect on the persistent scale in PreciousStones?

This plugin only adds one extra table to the PreciousStones-database. But it won't delete any excisting stones nor will it make excisting stones before install of this plugin turn into ExpensiveStones.

One command will be implemented to drop the ExpensiveStones-table from the database when this plugin has to be uninstalled.

How to configure

You can define each 'ExpensiveStone' with a custom Material, UpkeepPeriod and the amount of the material required to activate the next cycle. Configuring is simply done by adding the next options to the config.yml from PreciousStones:

- ExpensiveStone: true/false
enable or disable field as ExpensiveStone
- ExpensiveMaterial: <itemID>
defaults redstone when not present
- ExpensivePeriod: <int>[S|T]
defaults 15s when not present.
- ExpensiveCost: <int>
defaults 2 when not present
- ExpensiveToggle: true/false
Redstone can toggle this stone, default true when not present. Soon to be added.

You can define the Period by either placing 's' or 't', representing 's'econds or 't'icks. Remember that 20t is 1s servertime.

Permission Nodes

All nodes are implemented by SuperPerms. If you have a request for Permission Managers which doesn't use SuperPerms, please post an issue on GitHub Issue Tracker.

the ability to create 'admin'-field.
gives player the ability to ignore the ExpensiveField Plugin AKA insta-admin-field



/es bypass
toggles bypass
/es admin <iD>
toggles admin on iD
/es admin point
toggles admin on the block being targeted


expensiveStones prepareUninstall -a
This commands will delete the table either in the MySQL- or the SQLite-database and stop any tasks related to the plugin. It is still up to you to delete the jar.
expensiveStones clearDB -a
This command will drop the table, purge the cache and initiate a fresh DB.

Development Notes

This plugin is developed to be merged into PreciousStones at a certain point. Until then I try to optimize and perfect its functionality as a separate plugin.


  • Toggle field with redstone power since v0.2.0
  • Add cost per use for example: the Launcher.
  • Implement commands

Source Code: GitHub

Issue Tracker: Issue Tracker


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