What is EventSounds

EventSounds is a plugin I created so players can play sounds of their choosing once an event happens (such as talking, joining or leaving, or being killed). What makes this plugin different than many other plugins which play sounds on events is that the player can play one or multiple sounds when an event happens, and those sounds could be Custom Sounds, (sounds that are not appart of the base game, nor replace any existing sounds.)


  • Allows for players to play sounds...
  • when they talk
  • When they die
  • When the join the server
  • When they leave the server
  • Supports the addition/ removal of sounds
  • Supports custom sounds
  • Works on all versions of Bukkit


  • /EventSounds : Displays a menu to easily add/remove event driven sounds.
  • /es : Displays a menu to easily add/remove event driven sounds.

Developer/ Server owner Information

To add a sound to the list is actual very simple. You start off by going to the plugins directory and going into the EventSounds folder, and then to the folder called Sounds (Server/plugins/EventSounds/Sounds). This is where are the data for each sound is stored. To add a sound, all you need to do is create a .txt file with the name of that file being the name of the sound (It is CaSe Sensitive, if you run a 1.10+ server, all sounds must be lowercase and all periods ( . ) in sound names need to be replaced with "_").


To add default sounds (sounds that *new* players will have events automatically set to), go into the /Server/plugins/EventSounds/ directory and open one of the default text files (e.g. Default_Join.txt). In there, change the first line to be equal to the sound you want to play.


EventSounds does not have any dependencies for any plugin, nor any bukkit/spigot version. If you are using custom sounds from a resourcepack, you can use my Music plugin to easily distribute resourcepacks.

Change Log


  • Re-wrote entire plugin.
  • Added support for 1.11 sounds.
  • Added permission "".
  • Revamped the menu.


  • Just released


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