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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0


This file is one part of the Essentials suite.
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Changes since Pre2.11.1.6:

  • New Feature - Support for custom mob armor: /spawnmob (skeleton|zombie|pigzombie):(diamond|iron|gold)armor
  • New Feature - Allow use of per player keywords in /broadcast (similar to /einfo)
  • Update - Better handle typo's in kit formatting
  • Update - Player to player and player to location teleports use permissions of user running command, not user being teleported.
  • Update - Allow socialspy toggle to match multiple players
  • Bug Fix - Fix matching vanished players in certain commands
  • Bug Fix - GeoIP in /seen goes on geoip perm not extra perm
  • Bug Fix - Fix /helpop in console
  • Bug Fix - Reduce item ghosting in /invsee
  • Bug Fix - Fix [repair] commands checking for repair permissions
  • Bug Fix - Allow banning and unbanning ip addresses after user has been banned
  • Bug Fix - Remove support for bpermissions1, because it conflicted with bpermissions3
  • Bug Fix - Force colour code correction on /nick even if prefix/suffix is disabled
  • Permission - essentials.vanish.interact replaces essentials.teleport.hidden in teleport commands

Other changes since 2.10.1:

  • Updated for CB 1.5.2
  • New Feature - Blacklist dispenser items
  • New Feature - Add syntax for /socialspy <player>
  • New Feature - Withdrawing or breaking trade signs only withdraw what you can hold in your inventory
  • New Feature - Show hunger/saturation in /whois
  • New Feature - Kits now shows when kits are unavailable or cost money
  • New Feature - Allow extra mob stacking in /spawnmob
  • New Feature - Custom /list formatting, you can now control the order and formatting of the /list command
  • New Feature - Added /list <group> for viewing just the players in a group
  • Update - Remove group bridge from primary build proccess
  • Update - Show geoip location in /seen, if you have the appropriate permission
  • Update - Added walking speed support for /speed
  • Update - ItemCSV Update for 1.5 items.
  • Update - /bal <player> now shows the player being looked up
  • Update - Romanian Translation
  • Update - 3 new Chinese Translations
  • Update - Delay config file writes for increased performance
  • Update - Fix /remove command so it can be used from console again
  • Update - Allow {KEYWORD} use in kits, allows for creative descriptions or player heads
  • Update - Allow powertools to be set from console
  • Update - Performance updates to user handling
  • Update - Throw an economy warning in the server log when economy checks take 100x expected time.
  • Update - /baltop will now show offline names for vanished players
  • Update - Event listener optimizations
  • Bug Fix - Few minor threading fixes
  • Bug Fix - Mob spawning limit now counts stacked mobs
  • Bug Fix - Few minor NPE errors on obscure argument combinations
  • Bug Fix - Fix /eco reset argument check so it no longer needs a number
  • Bug Fix - Fix /eco command so it respects min balance setting
  • Bug Fix - Fix /me in console
  • Bug Fix - Fix looping bug in /baltop force
  • Bug Fix - Don't mess with eating when player is AFK
  • Bug Fix - Better handle teleporting when target is standing inside a half object (fence/wall/door)
  • Bug Fix - Fix rounding on /gc TPS output
  • Bug Fix - Fix error caused by colour symbol on last character in books
  • Bug Fix - Fix a minor issue with the new /list formatting
  • Bug Fix - Fix NPE when ptime is used in console
  • Bug Fix - Fix itemframe support in /remove
  • Bug Fix - Fix bug caused by using signs when recently dead
  • Bug Fix - Use correct formatting in /spawn edge cases
  • Bug Fix - Fix /afk <player> to properly allow the afk control of others
  • Permission - essentials.vanish.interact - Players with this permission can use commands that interact with vanished users
  • Permission - essentials.speed.<fly|walk> - If a player only has one of these permissions, the speed command will only allow the control of one state
  • Permission - essentials.spawnmob.stack - Allow spawning stacked mobs
  • Permission - essentials.kill.exempt - Players with this permission will not be killed unless the player has kill.force
  • Permission - essentials.socialspy.others - Allows changing the socialspy status of others.
  • Permission - - Required to be able to use /repair all