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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


This file is one part of the Essentials suite.
To find out more visit our wiki.

Changes since 2.9.6:

  • Updated for CB 1.4.7
  • New Command - /book - Allows you to re-open a written book for editing
  • New Command - /firework - Lets you add/clear firework effects via command
  • New Command - /recipe - Lets you look up an item's recipe
  • New Feature - Support for 'book:<chapter>' item meta on books. This allows written books to be used in kits.
  • New Feature - Allow unsafe enchantments to be used ingame and on kits, if enabled in the config file.
  • New Feature - Show afk/muted status in /seen lookup when used on online player
  • New Feature - Allow some commands to be used when jailed: essentials.jail.allow.<command>
  • New Feature - Add support for whitelisting commands in /help by permission:<plugin>.<command>
  • New Feature - New config option: cancel-afk-on-interact - when this is false, people will need to manually type /afk to leave afk.
  • Update - Speed tweaks
  • Update - Unregister events if features are disabled
  • Update - Add support for /clear vanilla syntax
  • Update - Add support for /exp vanilla syntax
  • Update - Fix support for /tp vanilla syntax
  • Update - Make /heal remove burning
  • Update - Support for mods which set max health above 20
  • Update - Support for 'name:<name>' and 'lore:<desc>' item meta
  • Update - Support for 'color:<red>,<green>,<blue>' leather armor meta
  • Update - Support for 'player:<name>' skull meta
  • Update - Support for 'author:<name>' and 'title:<title>' book meta
  • Update - Updated kits examples -
  • Update - Add support '|' as linebreaks in kick/ban messages and item meta
  • Update - Added tempban countdown to connect message
  • Update - Moved /eco reset to /eco set
  • Update - Add server broadcast on /eco wildcard commands
  • Update - Add support for enchanted books to /enchant command
  • Update - Add support for disabling essentials commands in favour for default bukkit commands
  • Update - Improve support for SimplyPerms
  • Update - Notify tpa players when other player aborts teleport
  • Update - Set max time for tempban in config file
  • Update - Items.csv update
  • Bug Fix - Fix /home bed, to deal with bukkit bed changes
  • Bug Fix - Fix /sell to respect item meta
  • Bug Fix - Improved handling async threads
  • Bug Fix - Fix /top command to retain pitch/yaw
  • Bug Fix - Fix /mail sendall from not showing completed message
  • Bug Fix - Fix conflict with Craftbook's custom drops.
  • Bug Fix - Fix /god stopping people healing/eating
  • Bug Fix - Fix /back setting location when logging off in death
  • Bug Fix - Don't disable fly mode when switching worlds, if you have fly permission in both worlds.
  • Bug Fix - Fix /seen location changing for vanished players when teleporting.
  • Bug Fix - Remove a few bukkit api calls from async threads.
  • Permission - essentials.mute.notify - Players with this permission will be notified when a player is muted
  • Permission - essentials.sethome.bed - Players with this permission will be able to use beds to set their home during the day
  • Permission - - Players with this permission will be switched to flying if they login in the air
  • Permission - essentials.vanish.effect - Visual invsibility potion effects while vanished.
  • Permission - essentials.tempban.unlimited - Players with this permission can tempban longer than config file limit.
  • GM - Fix op/* on offline mode servers not working
  • GM - Fix commandblock behaviour (toggle in config file)
  • GM - Add support for bukkitforge
  • GM - Updated permissions file example
  • GM - New command /mancheckw <world>